Live With Smiles

Someone can’t stop smiling. You know what’s behind that smile? As generally understood, God has created only species – male and female. Wherever there is a family set-up, male is supposed to earn bread and butter and female is assumed that after conception by the couple, she would deliver their issues and nurse them till they become independent. In case of human beings, an intelligent race, a woman expects her husband to keep her happy by arranging sufficient life supports and a lot of love etc. Sometime, she forgets her own reciprocal duty and makes him disappointed. Sometime, the some hubbies too do not care for their wives sincerely and such state of affairs create discontentment between both. But if we conduct an informal survey regarding the happiness, we find that the female folk get more pleasure out of the life than man even if it is for 15 minutes/a day longer. We can’t say about those women who have determined not to shed away their pessimistic attitude at all.

You know! your smiles play a vital role in increasing your happiness. Many people may not be surprised to know that women are found to be happier than men who pursue their dreams beyond their reach whereas the women mostly dream on realistic grounds. If someone aims at too high, she withdraws immediately after taking a few steps only in that direction after realizing that accomplishment of her dreams are beyond her resources and capability. But man wishes to be someone he is not. His sense of achievement is gauged by other man’s glory – mostly he does not go through the roots how that personality got that kind of glory whereas a woman generally gets happy once she feels that her husband is an ideal person for her life. For this, she is taught to make some compromises too since her childhood, and this is done almost in most of the cultures.

In the wake of the advancing civilization, a little problem comes up when her dreams about an ideal husband gets shattered, whatsoever be the circumstances. But she has developed a unique art of reducing her grief. She can weep, she can cry out and she can discuss her problems with her friends openly but usually a man does not do so. He becomes self-centric. Perhaps this is the reason a man is more prone to heart attacks and other diseases with shorter life span. Happiness is about the simpler things. It is sometime created in the process earlier than the results. We may sort out some problems if we follow some of the following tips:

Enjoy Small Pleasures

Women are taught to sacrifice more than men. In course of time of association with their husbands, they learn to enjoy happiness with every small happening. Men must develop this attitude for the sake of getting their lives happier. And if a female is too ambitious, she must change her attitude to enable herself enjoy every bit of life. If something mishappens, you can simply attribute the mishappening or the failure to your own lack of attention, your strategy, your over-estimate or something beyond your own control and you may take a lesson that in future, you would try that the same thing should not repeat. You can have good eating, plenty of drinking water, frequent night-outs and meeting with people, music, movies, visits to such islands where only basics of the life are available and you get free of your mobile calls and boring business engagements, to enjoy sun-rises, sun-sets, gathering at beaches, some yoga or adopting something which has not been a part of your usual life like following some new hobbies, adventures or social activities. You can ask your spouse to go on some short leave without yourself being together. A short absence can reconsolidate your break-down if anything adverse you may tend to feel. You may start at the simpler things in life afresh with simles on your face every time, and stop pursuing greater pleasures or glory. Your happiness will come to you in abundance.

Meet Opposite Section

God has very intelligently created two species – male and female, an essential of every society and for procreation, He put in some sort of enjoyment in their association. He makes you indulged in enjoyment from time to time and that results into procreation. It is going on from generation to generation. Today, numbers of the human beings on our planet are going up. A man tells that he is not able to understand his woman and the woman says that the attitude of her hubby is beyond her understanding. But they lead their joint lives happily with involving themselves deeply in solving out this puzzle. You must not isolate yourself from the opposite section. It is not essential that you must indulge yourself in physical exchange always. A hug, a kiss, a touch or exchange of smiles and thoughts can give you healthier happiness.

Further, some women are found happy because they enjoy every bit of misery men face. Sometime they befool them just sake of their pleasures but within limits. But they are more sensitive with a high sense of tolerance, endurance and satisfaction. If they puzzle you for some time, they return to you manifolds of happiness. You can adopt the same attitude for a part of your life as an experiment. Just try it with putting up smiles on your face. Your happiness will come to you in abundance.

Planning Your Meals

All the time work and work makes John a dull boy. Why are you working for? You work for leading a good life and if you do not get good meals at appropriate time, you can not have good health. Without a good health, you can not work continuously – you may break down sometime in the midway. What is the use of such over-working? Your meals work as your energizers. You must not skip them for the sake of work. You must enjoy it at proper time with proper attitude. What is your choice at a particular time can not be ascertained by your spouse or care taker every time. You may decide it to maintain your energy level required by you to respond to the pressures being exerted by the jobs you are going to undertake during the day. The minute you feel that the work has become burden upon you, you must walk out and try to do something else even if that pays you les
s. You can scream, cry, and shout over a particular situation if that angers you. But do not forget that you are to take meals at appropriate time.

Instead of physically chasing other people’s jobs, life styles, you may kindly chase up your imaginations and your dreams- their accomplishment will eventually excite you and your happiness will come to you in abundance.

Avoiding Boring People To Stay Happy

Men and women are different in physical basics; they have same heart and emotions to live on. You may meet majority of them egoistic, selfish and cruel for their own interests. They may express their love but with some hidden intentions. As soon as they see that their interests are no more being served in your association, they may leave you alone. The only route to stay happy is to avoid such people to the extent you can do. This is true to your family members, your friends and your work mates similarly. Someone wishes his wife, “Good Morning.” His rude wife replies, “What is good in this morning? You are not going to skip your break fast and your lunch this day.” How would that poor hubby reply back? I don’t say that you may take divorce from such rude wife. You will have to convince yourself that something has already gone wrong with you or her, which makes her angry or she has that particular nature to deal with you. You may have to compromise or live alone. For other people, you can select and avoid the boring people to stay happy. Your happiness will come to you in abundance if you keep smiles on.