Living in the Moment: Tips for a Healthier & Happier You

Living in the Moment: Tips for a Healthier & Happier You : We are all under stress to some degree, thanks to the covid pandemic that has wreaked havoc across the world, indeed, many people are now out of work and with bills to pay and lockdowns, depression is just round the corner.

We can all learn a lot from the Buddhist concept of ‘living in the moment’, which basically means we should draw as much enjoyment from each passing moment and not give exterior things our attention.

Living in the Moment

We are wired to be attentive to everything around us, it’s part of our natural defence mechanism, yet there are downsides to this, especially when life throws you a curveball; you can find your conscious mind wandering down dark, negative avenues. We can train our conscious mind to focus on the moment; the birds singing, the feel of the fabric on your skin, your breathing; rejoice in the fact that you alive and can experience the wonders of the world.

Here are a few tips to help you control your conscious thoughts and to embrace each passing moment and enjoy a calmer and happier life.

  • Balanced Diet

    You are what you eat, at least that’s what they say and if your body is not getting all the essential nutrients it needs, this will affect your disposition and mood. If you are a supermum with a career, take a daily vitamin and mineral supplement, which ensures you get your daily dose of A-Z.

  • Create a Relaxing Ambience at Home

    It is much easier to sit with yourself if you are in the right environment; check out for great beeswax candles that come in a wide range of aromas. Colours should be soft and lighting dim and with some pleasant instrumental music in the background, you can sit in a comfortable position and focus on the moment.

  • Tame the Naughty Monkey

    An ancient Buddhist tale likens the conscious mind to a naughty monkey, always looking in places, ready for mischief and we must learn to keep out thoughts on a short leash. This is the basis of meditation and as we are creatures of habit, we can train our conscious mind. If we allow out thoughts the freedom to wander, they inevitably turn to how we are going to pay the mortgage next week and other pressing issues and in turn, this leads to mental suffering. One cannot change certain things that happen in our lives, but we can change how we respond to these happenings and that is the key to a happier you. Take up meditation and that will be all the motivation you need to continue down this path. Here is some information about acute stress disorder, something many people suffer with.

  • Focus on the Good

    It is true that it is possible to see the good in every situation and training your mind to look for the positive will certainly relieve any stress you may have been experiencing.

Click here for information about the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, where you can learn about the many resources to help those who are suffering from stress.





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Living in the Moment: Tips for a Healthier & Happier You

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