Logo Coffee Mugs to Promote Business

The expense of advertising a business can be too high for a small business. There are advertising techniques that give both a short and long-term effect without draining the company bank account though. Giving away promotional items such as logo coffee mugs are one of the best ways to achieve this goal. There are four important areas to look at in order to decide if this is the right type of advertising for your business.

1. One Important Factor about Promoting with Logo Coffee Mugs

Logo coffee mugs are used by businesses everyday to advertise for good reason. Promotional coffee mugs are an easy, less expensive way to promote a company. Everywhere the mug goes, people see the logo. The natural curiosity of human beings draws a person to look at the logo more closely. They want to know what the mug says. They want to know if they are missing a funny saying or a good photo. Simply put, a logo coffee mug puts the business name in front of more people than any other type of advertising when used in the right manner.

2. Two Benefits of Using Promotional Logo Coffee Mugs

Sales Boost

Promotional logo coffee mugs boost sales of every company that uses them. There are two reasons for that. Customers use the mug and therefore those who see it automatically assume that the person trusts the business that he or she is promoting. The other reason is that people like the idea of getting free things. If the logo coffee mug is given out as a free promotional tool, people drawn to getting a deal will be more apt to visit the store and make a purchase to get the free item.

Customer Loyalty

Customers who receive free items when they make a purchase tend to stay loyal to the company. The company that offers free items, such as logo coffee mugs is somehow seen as more stable. This could be because companies, which are not stable, would not have the money to give away free items. That is the nature of business. The bigger the free item, the better the company image gets. Customer loyalty is something irreplaceable. Customer loyalty goes beyond repeat business. Loyal customers talk highly of the businesses they like best. A business can sincerely make an impression on a customer. A good impression is sometimes as easy as giving away a free logo coffee mug.

3. Three Ways Logo Coffee Mugs Pay for Themselves


Logo coffee mugs last forever. A television advertisement does not stay on television forever. Huge amounts of money are spent on television ads, yet it lasts less than one minute each time it is shown. New advertising campaigns mean more money. Of course, television advertising works well. The one thing it cannot provide is the continual advertising of a coffee mug. It will work over and over again to make new people aware that the business exists. That means that coffee mugs are a long-term earner for any business.


In the short-term, logo coffee mugs are great for business because they give an immediate boost to sales. These logo mugs have an immediate impact on business. The ability to advertise to so many people so quickly is unattainable in any other fashion. The best thing about this type of promotion is that it is cheaper than any other type of advertising a business can find.

4. Four Ways to Promote Using Logo Coffee Mugs


Giving logo coffee mugs to employees will get the business name out there quickly. Do not think of logo coffee mugs as something you give out to customers only. There are a vast number of people that can be reached who may never have purchased a single thing from your store. Give employees the bonus of a logo coffee mug. Their friends and family will see the mug and it could possibly open up a line of communication about the business. It is the perfect opportunity to advertise at minimal cost.

Customer Giveaways

Give logo mugs to customers who purchase certain items or spend a certain amount of money. Customers love to receive these types of “gifts” with purchases. In either case, it encourages the customer to spend more money or purchase items that the business wants to promote more. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

New businesses use the logo coffee mug giveaway as a way to invite customers in for a grand opening of their store. Example: The new business advertises that the first hundred customers to the store on grand opening day receives a free coffee mug. People in the area wanted to check out the new store anyway. They were not sure if they were going to go, but they could use the extra coffee mug. The business now gets twice the turnout of customers because they advertised a free giveaway.

Business to Business

Giving free coffee mugs to vendors who visit the business passes the advertising further than you can imagine. The vendor is in contact with other businesses (which are their customers). The vendor (salesperson for another company) comes into contact with hundreds of people per month. If that vendor carries a full cup of coffee with him or her when he or she is working, there is no reason he or she should not be encouraged to use a logo coffee mug bearing valuable company information on it.

Community Functions

Bring in new customer by giving away free logo coffee mugs at community functions. For instance, if a fire company is holding a community breakfast, offer logo mugs to the fire company to give away to people who attend. It will be good for business because it is seen as an aid to the fire company. They will have something the community can take home. It puts the business name in the community. The fire company, the business and the consumer all benefit from this type of promotion.

Small businesses have a lot to gain from giving away “gifts” to customers, employees and vendors. It is a cheap way to get great advertising results. The growth potential of any business is there if they are willing to put the effort into it. A logo coffee mug does not have to have any clever saying on it to be effective. The company logo with the address and phone number is all that is necessary to make an impact on business.


Logo Coffee Mugs to Promote Business