Losing teeth can affect your oral health

Losing teeth can affect your oral health : Losing teeth is something no one ever wants to go through. Not only can losing a tooth be painful and irritating, it can affect a woman’s self-esteem. Many people have missing teeth but never do anything more about them. With a variety of dental care options available, why are so many of us still unwilling to approach our dentist for help?

A missing tooth won’t just affect your confidence. Studies show that, overall, losing teeth can have a long-term impact on your general oral health. But why is this? Let’s take a closer look.

Exposing teeth and gums

One of the biggest dangers of leaving missing teeth without any kind of remedy is the fact that your gums and other teeth will be exposed. This means that, during normal activities such as eating and drinking, your mouth will be at greater risk of attack from bacteria. This can lead to painful cavities or even the formation of abscesses.

Leaving both your gums and your other teeth open to bacterial attack means that you may be at risk of developing a series of dental problems. These can and will occur even if you are the most careful brusher and flosser!

Extra jaw pressure

Consider how your mouth works when you need to chew. You will need all your teeth in good working order to be able to bite down in a flat and level way. When you are missing some teeth, more pressure will apply to those that remain. This could lead to severe tooth damage and erosion, as well as weakening. With all your teeth in place, you will always have an even bite, and your jaw will receive the full support it requires.

What should you do?

If you lose a tooth, it is important to approach a dentist as soon as possible. Either with individual dentures or a dental bridge, you will not only regain confidence through your rebuilt smile, you can continue to comfortably eat and drink without pain or aggravation. What’s more, there will be less chance of your teeth and gums coming under fire from harmful bacteria.

Good oral hygiene is, of course, always a must. It is crucial that you try and seek help about a missing tooth or teeth as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a lot of pain and with irritation for some time to come. It is important to see a dental practitioner to prevent further damage as soon as possible.

Regain your smile

Having a beautiful smile is a very important expression of your personality. For many of us, it’s also a real boost to our self-esteem. However, losing teeth isn’t just a knock to our confidence levels, they could provide a gateway to further problems down the line, which means it might be time to see a dental specialist sooner rather than later. If you need a recommendation, you can get a healthy smile with dental implants in Shrewsbury.

If you are losing teeth, it is time to take action. Certainly, don’t ignore the problem – book in with a specialist and prevent any further damage as soon as you possibly can.





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Losing teeth can affect your oral health

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