Lowell Farms Cannabis Concentrate

Lowell Farms Cannabis Concentrate
Lowell Farms Cannabis Concentrate

Lowell Farms Cannabis Concentrate : Lowell is committed to creating organic cannabis products. Their motto is “from flower to table” meaning they oversee the entire process and the cannabis is locally grown. While most companies use solvents and high heat to create cannabis concentrates, Lowell farms use an organic proprietary method. First, the cannabis is frozen then tumbled in ice water. Then it is cold-pressed.

This allows the cannabinoids and terpenes to be extracted from the plant in their natural form. Chemical solvents can change the chemical makeup and remove much of the natural cannabis flavor from the concentrate. Lowell Farms provides full-spectrum cannabis concentrate in its finest form.

Lowell Provides Pax Pods of their cold-pressed cannabis oil, as well as a stylish disposable vape pen. The concentrate used is a pink lemonade flavored hybrid that is great for an everyday smoke.

Cannabis Cafe

Lowell Farms has opened the first-ever cannabis cafe in the U.S. The cafe is located in West Hollywood. In addition to a flower to table philosophy for cannabis, they take a farm to table approach to their cuisine.

The food is organic and locally grown. It’s also designed to complement cannabis, much the same way certain foods pair well with certain wines. This can give you a unique and enjoyable experience.

Lowell Farms has been working on making the cafe a reality for four years. The amount of thought and effort put into opening the cannabis cafe is obvious. Lowell Farms says that they want to end the stigma of cannabis consumption. They wish to provide a communal space where it can be enjoyed similar to alcohol. Where people can gather and enjoy cannabis together without being limited to the privacy of their homes.

Chef Andrea Drummer will be the head chef at the cannabis cafe. She is a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef. She was once against cannabis, but now she says that incorporating cannabis in her cooking has made her a better chef. Drummer enjoys combining classic French training with southern flavors.

She began her cannabis career by forming the Elevation VIP Cooperative. Her company hosted private dinners and VIP functions where cannabis cuisine was the star. The cuisine she creates for the Lowell Cafe will be California farm to table style, but will also incorporate the heightened senses of someone consuming cannabis.

Sophisticated Yet Natural

Just like their products, the Lowell Cannabis Cafe has a sense of sophistication while still feeling natural. Natural materials are used thoughtfully and creatively whenever possible, and local artisans were commissioned to create the decor for the restaurant. You’ll also find an indoor/outdoor oasis complete with lots of rich foliage to further add to the natural feel of the restaurant.

The restaurant will also offer a Tableside Flower Service. This is a premium service. A flower host will guide guests through the menu and discuss the different strains, including their effects and origins. While they are informing you of the different strains available on the menu, they will roll a perfect smoke for your enjoyment.

Lowell Farms embraces California’s passion for sustainability and organic products while bringing sophistication to the cannabis industry. They will continue to work to make cannabis socially acceptable and enjoyable.



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Lowell Farms Cannabis Concentrate