Make a Good Impression

Make a Good Impression
Make a Good Impression

It is a common thing that people around us just do not get us right and perceive our personality not the way we would want them to. This may be connected with all the spheres of our lives starting with the hard work to get promoted or simply among our friends or family members. So if you notice that the people around you do not recognize that bright person as you are, here are a few ways you need to know to make a good impression.

1. The way you look

No matter what it is said truth can’t be changed and people will keep looking at your appearance first and only then discover you as a unique personality. The first impression in most cases is decisive in further relationships. That why in order to avoid giving a wrong impression, you should take care of the way you look. It is not all about expensive and fashionable clothes but about the way they suit you and the way you feel in them. Moreover, you have to consider the dress code when dressing up for this or that occasion. Clothes is one of the means to express your personality so be careful with that.

2. Treat others with respect

It is an eternal rule of communication to treat all people around you with respect. Even though you do not actually respect this or that person you should behave yourself decently and according to the rules of ethics. You should never lose your face; show yourself as a person of good manners. Treat people equally despite their social position or material well-being and you will have the reputation of a tolerant and polite person.

3. Stick to your principles

You may want to look more friendly, ambitious or fearless but still you have your own set of principles and values you stick to. Do not try to change them under the influence of other people as they make you exactly who you are, a bright and a unique person. You have to feel harmony with what you consider to be right and what you actually do. If you feel confident in that, then the other people will surely notice and evaluate it.

4. Love yourself

If you want people to discover your bright personality and like you, it is important that you love yourself and accept who you are. Think of some qualities and traits of character that make you who you are, which are appreciated by your friends and family. Learn about your strong points and the things people love about you. This will give you more confidence and better understanding of yourself.

5. Discover your flaws

It is of extreme importance to be aware of your flaws and fight with them. On the one hand, you should take pains not to let other people discover it. And on the other, you are to make efforts to turn your flaws to advantage. If you do not know something – learn, if you can’t do – ask somebody to teach you. All the negative traits of your character should also be reconsidered and corrected as your main aim is to make a good impression.

6. Find the qualities you like in others

If you want to change some sides of your personality to become a more interesting interlocutor or be more professional, a very good solution is to find the people who possess these features. Watch him or her and try to understand how he\she manages. You should not copy somebody else’s behavior in no case! Stay yourself, but get experienced watching other people. It is okay to have a role model and to strive to improve yourself and be a better person.

7. Follow the rules

If you have a habit of always breaking the rules (no matter what they are: either of society or rules of behaving in a laundry) you should stop for a minute and think whether it might scare away the people around you. Anyway if the rules are widely accepted they do have positive intentions and you have to lend your ear to them. You have already probed yourself by breaking the rules so now try to follow them. Who knows maybe you will start to agree to them
To avoid giving a wrong impression you don’t have to pretend or become another person you don’t obviously look like. But anyway seeking for improvement and learning something new never does any harm. Do you always make a good impression? What is your secret? Share it with us.



Make a Good Impression