Make Money as a Personal Shopper

Some people love to shop, while others just can’t be bothered. If you enjoy going to the grocery store, finding the perfect dress, or browsing new inventory, you can earn extra money as a personal shopper. People will actually pay you to shop! Business professionals who don’t have time to go shopping, single moms who don’t want to drag their kids to the store, and elderly or handicapped people who might have trouble leaving the house are all potential clients in need of your personal shopping services.

You can turn personal shopping into a profitable money making endeavor. Groceries are a good way to start, because everyone needs food in their kitchen. You can expand to clothes shopping for high-end clients or even baby supplies for expecting mothers. The possibilities are endless.

Since you probably go shopping for yourself anyway, this money making opportunity requires little investment. To start your personal shopping venture, you will need a phone, reliable transportation, and money for advertising. When quoting a shopping trip, the client will be expected to pay the retail value for the items purchased, but you should also include a charge of 20% or more for your services. You can also choose to charge a fee per hour.

An important part of any lucrative service is advertising. Before you can make money as a personal shopper, you must first get the word out. You can create a website for free that outlines your services and even allows potential clients to email you for quotes. Place an advertisement in the local paper, and tell your friends about your new business venture. You can also post flyers in public places with your contact information.

After you have successfully earned a few clients, try to impress them with your shopping knowledge. They will be pleased if you can find good deals or bargains for items they generally buy at retail price. This is a good way to reassure that you will not only retain these clients, they will recommend you to their friends. Pay close attention to their personal tastes, and buy items that suit them well. It is always best to start with a clear shopping list that they provide, but with time, you may work out a more flexible system.

Clients who are short on time, can’t run errands easily, or just don’t like shopping will pay for your time, effort, and transportation. Personal shopping is a great way to earn extra cash with minimal effort. This is the ideal job for anyone who considers themselves a shopaholic; not only does this money making endeavor require little investment, it also allows you to do something you love.



Make Money as a Personal Shopper