Manage Your Obesity.

Obesity is a disease created by your own life styles. It is a danger signal for vital organs of your body. It can cause Heart disease, respiratory problem, overload to liver, endocrine system and diabetes. It is required to be managed as soon as you feel that you have got on the stage of obesity. Kindly be careful for your health.
You can cure it simply by changing the same in right direction. Medicines, surgery and so-called food supplements may give you quick solutions but they are not long-lasting. You can reduce it yourself. You can reduce your over weight up to 20 to 30 kg in a period of 3 to 4 months if you are able to get proper guidance and you need sincerity, regularity and strict adherence to the diet plan. If you go for treatment under yog and other drug-less naturopathy, you may not need to take any medicine and suffer any side affects in the process.

You might have seen repeated advertisements in newspapers, magazines or other kinds of media suggesting “before treatment” and “after treatment” status of the fat persons. Since I did not experiment with their medicines or advice, I can not recommend to which extent their advice can work to your welfare. But I feel that as soon as their medicines, food supplements are withdrawn, the obesity can bounce back with more intensity and dimensions.

Since obesity creates over weight, it is more injurious to your health. Obesity is a cosmetic problem but overweight harms your health. Obesity can be gauged scientifically through your body mass index to be ascertained by dividing your weight (in kilograms) by height in meters (square). The following chart can give you an idea about it.


18 to 24.9 Normal
25 to 29.9 Overweight
30 to 34.9 Obese
35 to 39.9 Severely Obese
40 and above Morbidly obese

Generally, Obesity is gauged in terms of waist circumference. If your waist is more than 40 inches (102 cm) for males and 35 inches (89 cm) for females, you can be obese.

We may have a look on the kinds of obesity. Android is apple type obesity. In this type, upper part of the body is heavy. Gynoid is pear type obesity to indicate that your lower part is heavy. In universal type of obesity, your body would be of barrel like shape, means fat is distributed in whole of the body. Obesity can be created due to any of the following reason:

1. Inheritance
2. Overeating and wrong eating habits
3. Lack of physical activity
4. Hypothyroidism
5. Post menopausal period and surgical removal of uterus.

You can cure your obesity through non-surgical and surgical methods. My friend who is a doctor says that in non-surgical methods, you can have anti-appetite medicines, drugs which reduce the level of sugar in your blood, metabolic stimulants in thyroid group, laxatives or some durative. If you wish to go for surgical methods, you may opt for intestinal bypass surgery, cosmetic plastic surgery or liposuction. Though these are quick methods, they may not give you permanent solution if you do not change your life style. You will have to change your eating habits.

When I felt myself to have been arrested with this disease, I had to change my eating plan. I am comfortable by implementing the same as it helped me a lot to cure. You may have a view of the same – I would suggest you to kindly take advice of your health care taker if it can be beneficial to you also:

My Diet Plan

6.00 A.M. : Lime water with honey (lukewarm)
8.00 A.M. : Tender Coconut/water melon/musk melon
11.00 A.M. : Seasonal Fruits
1.30 P.M. : Lunch – sprouts (Moong, Moath, Bengal Gram, Soya Seeds and Ground Nuts. You may take a cup of hot water after 15 minutes of taking lunch.
4.30 P.M. : Fruit/vegetable, Juice (Preferably Carrot, Indian Gooseberry, Ginger Mix) You can take 200 to 300 ml.
7.45 P.M. : Dinner – Soups/seasonal salads.

I adopted the above plan for one day and next day, I took my normal food excluding fine carbohydrates, rich protein and saturated fats. Third Day, I took the above plan and continued for two days. After two days, I took my normal food as I enjoyed on second day. Thereafter, I came back to diet plan for three days and then, again I took normal food for one day. In a gradual way, I enhanced the period of the diet plan to ten days. It took me a period of about 65 days during which I had fasting as well as normal diets without any pressure. To drive out the maximum benefits, I took not less than 10 glasses of water, preferring lukewarm. Some day, it can cause moderate to acute constipation as the system may revolt due to change in the habitual eating. To cure that you can have some mild laxative although I did not feel it as I was mentally ready for it. My friend had warned me that I might feel some weakness. That too was due to some psychological level and in course of time, that disappeared.

Here, I may request you to avoid junk foods as fillers. In the above diet plan, you may get all the nutrients, minerals and elements you require for energy. I took the normal food from time to time as mentioned above just to maintain a bridge between the new diet plan and my normal habits. It helped my body to customize itself smoothly. You can reduce the obesity early if you add up yoga asans like Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) as be advised by your yoga teacher.

Since I did not take any surgical or non-surgical methods as prescribed under modern treatment plans, I was lucky not to have any side affects and cured my obesity. That is why I wished to share my experience and process with you. God may bless you!

Be happy – Manage Your Obesity