Messenger Bag Type and Style Guide

Messenger Bag Type and Style Guide : AULOVELY summarizes the styles of messenger bags. The messenger bag has gone from a little-known tool for the bike courier to a popular women’s fashion accessory. These aren’t quite as formal as a briefcase, but can fit into a variety of office dress codes — other than formal ones. Messenger bags are available in a variety of looks, materials, sizes and functions.

About a decade ago, messenger bags suddenly became the trendy way to carry laptops, books, art supplies and even work papers. Nor is it just an American style. Across the globe, from New York City to Milan, to London, Paris and beyond, women look to this product as a utility and a fashion accessory.

But not all messenger bags are created equal, and not every bag is suitable for everyone or for every purpose. Read on to make sure you make the best choice for yourself and make sure you wear it for maximum advantage.

What is a messenger bag?

Originally designed for postal workers to carry letters from door to door, messenger bags are designed to carry paperwork over long distances, hands-free. The materials are traditional wear-resistant fabrics such as canvas or leather, and the straps are often padded to protect the shoulders from chafing and soreness.

Of course, messenger bags have come a long way since the origins of the post, being carried by high-speed city couriers either on foot or by bike, allowing them to hop around the street without having to load or unload luggage and the use of handlebars, etc. Now it has reached a new level of development and style with adoption by the hipster community and even business people in more casual offices.

A Brief History of the Messenger Bag

The messenger bag is also known by other names: courier bag, tote bag, etc. As mentioned, they were originally used by post office workers to deliver packages, but even then there are remnants of ancient bags that look strikingly similar to them. What this tells us is that this style is perfect for the human form – otherwise it wouldn’t last thousands of years.

The first modern version of the messenger bag was worn by practical linemen back in the 1950s. Designed and manufactured by De Martini Global Canvas, these bags are used to carry the tools liners need for their work, but allow for hands-free carrying. They can then sling the tool over their shoulders for climbing poles and other similar tasks. Surprisingly, these early bags were waterproof lined cotton canvas and even had an invoice pocket inside. At that time, the bags were only available to linemen in the New York area and were not sold in stores.

Globe Canvass was the primary messenger bag supplier to utilities in the ’70s and ’80s, with a color-coding system indicating who worked for which utility. John Peters of De Martini updated the bag in 1984, adding reflective safety stripes and changing the cotton canvas to nylon for more durability.

Not only do these new bags excel in the field, but the new changes show the potential of the retail market. The military map bag then sparked the trend of fashion-driven messenger bags. These items were popular even before bike postmen used messenger bags.

Pros and cons of messenger bags

There are many advantages to messenger bags, as well as some disadvantages. Men who spend a lot of time walking, subway rides, biking and other activities that require hands free often wonder which is better for them: a backpack or a messenger bag.

The answer isn’t automatic, but it’s easy to find out by asking the right questions. With the following guide, you’ll be able to answer this question yourself – and set yourself up to suit your needs.


  1. They are the sweet spot between being too formal and too casual
    Most modern workers, except in the manual labor sector, are required to carry at least one laptop. The old black square laptop bag is outdated, so the message sent won’t be the one you want your employer or client to receive. But in some cases, traditional briefcases can also be too formal—not to mention that they tie down one of your hands. Backpacks are too casual for almost any type of meeting.So what’s left?

    Don’t worry, messenger bags fit in the sweet spot between a briefcase and a backpack, and are available in a variety of styles and functions that will suit your style and needs. The crossbody bag has all the simple features of a fanny pack, but it’s bigger, more professional, and more versatile. They are also great for school kids and college kids.

    You don’t look like your grandpa’s banker, and you don’t look like a schoolboy.

  2. They are really functional
    Crossbody bags allow you to grab specific items quickly and easily. Various pockets inside and outside the bag hold pens, phones, gadgets, cards, papers and any other small items you need quick access. The main compartment is usually a single cavity, or divided into three or three compartments. These can hold laptops, tablets, documents, and even a change of clothes for a workout or after-get off work party.Fast, easy and practical. That’s a messenger bag.


  1. Not suitable for cyclists
    The shoulder straps allow you to easily carry the messenger bag around without hands. Not so with cycling. Especially if you have heavier items inside — like a laptop or a book — the bag could slide in front of you, interfere with your knees and steering, and lose your balance. All in all, unless you have a dedicated bike messenger bag with a clip to keep it from sliding around your torso, this isn’t a very practical option.If you commute by bike, it’s best to use a paneer (some of which clip on and off for easy removal and loading).
  2. Not suitable for overloading
    Even when walking, stooping, or getting in and out of a chair, the messenger bag can move and fall around — or just make you look awkward. Especially when you’re carrying a heavy load, the shoulder straps can also slip off your shoulders with potentially catastrophic consequences for the laptop falling to the floor, or a slightly less serious case of being strapped to your waist, which again, Might make you look silly to clients or employers.If you do use a messenger bag, use the handles once you get to the meeting and avoid moving the bag and its contents uncontrollably. Only hang it over your shoulder when you’re en route between locations.

    When choosing between a backpack and a messenger bag, the main things to consider are the type of mobility you use, how much you need to carry, and how long you need to carry it.

If you travel by bike, backpacks (or paniers) might be better.

If you walk or take public transport or drive, a messenger bag is better.
Double shoulder straps are better if you have to carry very heavy items. A laptop, some documents, maybe a book is light enough to fit a messenger bag. A better bag will have better padding on the shoulder straps, allowing for heavier items to be carried.
If you’re carrying items for extended periods of time, a single shoulder strap can cause back strain and pain faster than a double shoulder strap.

Messenger Bags & Backpacks

This is a good question and depends on your answers to several questions. If you want to look like a high school student, a backpack is the way to go. It looks the most casual and is the first choice for teenagers in nearly every city in the country.


If you’re an adult looking to make a good impression and show on the outside the confidence and competence you have (or want to have) inside, the messenger bag is a better choice.

With the messenger bag, you can choose from a classic, almost formal leather style, or a canvas-leather combination that combines chic and classic, or even a pop of color on the sides to show your creative side. It’s all up to you – there are thousands of styles and versions to choose from.

Men in their 30s and 50s can accept a messenger bag (in lieu of a briefcase) in almost every field of business. Unless you’re a banker, you probably have someone in your office carrying a stylish, high-quality messenger bag – it’s perfect for the office and any briefcase. Above all, the briefcase is stuck where it used to be, and the messenger bag makes a current style statement and preface thinking.

You can see the postman backpack here.

How to design them

Gone are the days when men’s bags were derided as “men’s wallets,” and today’s women can carry the right bag for the right purpose—and the styles are constantly evolving. Men with a good sense of fashion are no longer the object of social ridicule. In fact, a lack of style can also send the message that you are also incapable in other areas of your life.

In order to choose the right bag for you, you need to understand the styles, features and types of messenger bags available. We are here to help you do just that.





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Messenger Bag Type and Style Guide

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