Money Will Never Make You Happy

Money Will Never Make You Happy: I’m definitely sure most of you have thought of being rich at some point in your lives. “If I had more money, my life would be much easier, happier and brighter!” I hear this almost every day from different people. Many rich people think this way too. Truth is, money can control your life and can completely change it. It will never make you happy. You may feel more powerful and more confident, but never happy.

We spend tons of money on trendy things, which bring temporary joy and happiness in our lives. Is it a true happiness? Of course, not. I’ve compiled a list of the most obvious reasons why money will never make you happy. I want you to understand the true meaning of life and the true purpose of money in your life.

1. Stress

Money is one of the major causes of chronic stress. Whether you want to become rich or you already have tons of money, you always feel under stress. Rich people are afraid to become poor, while most poor people strive to become rich. You may struggle with debts, think of new ways to make more money, get into trouble because of it and waste your time, effort and health without realizing it. Remember, “Big money – big problems”?

Chronic stress can lead to anxiety and many other health issues. Do you still think money will make you happier? Sure, you need money but don’t make it your top priority in your life.

2. Failed relationships

Numerous studies show that money is the biggest reason of failed relationships. A fight over money is the fastest way to end a friendship and break up with a person you love. A couple of years ago I lost a big friendship because of money. I made a terrible mistake and I still regret about it, though maybe it’s all for the best. I lent a huge amount of money to my so-called best friend. Once I gave money to her, she changed her attitude toward me and stopped calling and texting. I didn’t tell anything about money and I couldn’t understand her behavior. We had been good friends for almost ten years, which is why it was so difficult for me to realize that she wanted to end our friendship because of money.

Nowadays I often see her, but I don’t demand my money back because I think money is evil. I won’t be happier if I get my money back. When I asked her why our long friendship failed, she honestly said, “because I didn’t want to pay back the loan.” No one is guilty in this situation, except money.

Don’t let money ruin your relationships with your parents, siblings, friends, spouses or coworkers. If you are obsessed with money, try to get rid of this obsession. Change the way you think about money, and you feel happier in any relationship.

3. Money is addictive

Money has a huge addictive power. Nowadays many people are addictive to money and this addiction is like a drug or alcohol addiction. Each day you wake up with the thought to make more cash today and go shopping when you are unhappy. If you are not happy inside, shopping will never make you feel better. Stop letting your money addiction dictate your life. I believe you are strong enough to overcome it! Take small steps each day to completely eliminate this addiction from your life.

Money can help you solve a lot of problems, but it can’t fix everything. I have a few friends who are in their 40s now. They say they spent too much time thinking about money. The realize they wasted their lives, but I always say it’s never too late to start changing the way you think about money. Today’s world is obsessed with money, which is why I think it’s crucial to remind people about the most precious things in life, such as love, family and happiness. Money is a useful tool that you can use to reach your goals. But money will never make you happy, keep it in mind the next time you think that money solves any problem.

Do you think money can work miracles? Do you want to become rich? Why?



Money Will Never Make You Happy