Most Important Pickleball Rules – Awesome Game for All Ages

Most Important Pickleball Rules – Awesome Game for All Ages : Pickleball is a sport that is closely similar to tennis. Pickleball courts are usually smaller in size than tennis courts, which makes the game a lot more compact and a lot less arduous. This means that anyone ranging from school kids to the elderly and retired can play it. If you have a whiffle-like or any other lightweight ball, a net, pickleball paddles and a court, then you are all set for a game of pickleball.

Just like in traditional tennis, players can face off as doubles or singles. Think of pickleball as a fusion of badminton, traditional tennis and table tennis. Due to its non-threatening nature, you won’t even realize you are exercising when you are playing this entertaining outdoor game.

Why is it Called Pickleball?

Pickleball was created by Joel Pritchard, a Washington politician, to entertain his family in the summer of 1965. Joan, Joel’s wife, said the sport looked like the pickle boat in rowing. However, there is a second theory that Pritchard named the game after his dog, Pickles, since he’d chase and run away with the ball. Joan Pritchard said, “Pickles the dog did not come around until two years after the game was invented”, but it is still possible that the game lacked a formal name until Pickle inspired it.

What Are the Rules of Pickleball

Even though pickleball is played on a court, it’s rules are almost similar to those of badminton and table tennis rather than traditional tennis, which is played on a court. On the bright side, the rules are easy to observe. They are as follows:

  1. Predict the Next Shot: Out of all the rules of playing pickleball, this one must be the most difficult and strategic. Like in a chess game, being able to foresee your opponent’s move and your probable response and vice versa is exceptionally vital. This will give you the full advantage over both your opponent and the game in general
  2. Keep Your Opponent on the Defense: Mixing up your service location will keep your opponent guessing and off-balance. To do this, you need to control your serve to avoid hitting the ball short of the serve box or deep and out of bounds. On the other hand, if your opponent is closer to the net, you can keep the ball low but otherwise is safe to keep your opponent path at the back of the court
  3. Play the Probabilities: By being precise about always choosing the highest percentage shot, you will hit shots to help keep you in the game. This way, you will get more time to read the game’s direction and turn it around in your favour. Also, always remember to let the ball bounce after a return shot before you hit it. Try not to hit hero shots
  4. Buy Yourself Time: As long as you choose the shot that gets you more time to get into position and prepare for the next shot, the game will fall into place, which means a win in your favour is inevitable
  5. Use Minimum Effort to Get Maximum Results: When the odds are in your favour, choose to hit the shots that will cost you the least effort while keeping you in the game. The idea is to keep the game going until you get an opening for your winning shot. Once you figure out how to spin the ball, you will have a remarkable advantage

Also, to avoid losing points, it is essential to steer clear from moves that are considered faults in a game of pickleball. They include :

  • Hitting the ball while your foot is within or in the no-volley zone
  • Declining to clear the net
  • Hitting the ball before it bounces on a first return or serve
  • Volleying the ball out of bounds

To Sum it Up

Students need to understand that this is a game they can still participate in as they grow older. Assisted living facilities are also considering the incorporation of pickleball in their game and exercise programs. Overall, as long as you are playing a pickleball game, you should keep it entertaining and fun for you to enjoy it. Have fun!






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Most Important Pickleball Rules – Awesome Game for All Ages

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