Must-Do Nighttime Foot Care For All Women

Must-Do Nighttime Foot Care For All Women : Taking good care of your feet can reduce foot pain and improve self-confidence. One study found that 76% of women feel more confident when their feet look good.

Despite this, 46% of females say they rarely or never visit a salon for a pedicure. If this sounds like you then you must ensure your home foot care routine is spot on. And there’s no better time to pamper your feet than in the evening before you go to bed.

Treat yourself to a foot massage

A foot massage each evening is a great way to improve the circulation in your feet. It will also reduce foot pain after a long day at work. The painful foot condition plantar fasciitis, which affects 1 in 10 people over the course of their lives, can be eased with massage too. One way to enjoy a foot massage is to use a massaging foot spa. Simply fill it up with warm water, turn it on, and roll your feet over the built-in massagers. Another option is an electric foot massager with heat. But if you don’t want to splash out on new devices, ask your partner to massage your feet for you. You could even give yourself a massage, although this won’t be as relaxing as when someone else does it.

Moisturize daily

If you use a massaging foot spa to relax your feet, afterward is the ideal time to treat any hard skin on your feet. Hard skin is also known as calluses and it forms to protect your feet. Research has shown that walking without shoes causes calluses that are 30% thicker than they are on shoe-wearers. But certain shoes encourage calluses too, including high heels and tight shoes. Calluses have a clear purpose but you can treat them to prevent them from turning painful by moisturizing them every night before bed. Urea-based moisturizers are good and should be used nightly. For best results, slather it on your feet and immediately apply cotton socks.

Commit to a foot-strengthening routine

Most people know the benefits of working out regularly. But very few people regularly do exercise routines that help their feet. Foot injuries are common in women that often wear high heels. If you have a medical condition that most commonly affects women, such as hypermobility or fibromyalgia, foot problems are also likely. By doing foot strengthening exercises each night, you’ll help to protect the ligaments, muscles, and tendons. In turn, your chance of injury and conditions like plantar fasciitis will reduce. Heel raisers, toe yoga, toe curls, foot roles, and ankle alphabet are some of the best exercises for your feet, so start practicing them this evening.

After a hard day on your feet, it’s a good idea to take some time to help your feet recover. A combination of relaxation, exercise, and moisturizer will have a significant positive impact on your feet and ensure that your feet look and feel as healthy as possible.


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Must-Do Nighttime Foot Care For All Women

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