Must-Have Items to Buy When Expecting a Baby

Must-Have Items to Buy When Expecting a Baby
Must-Have Items to Buy When Expecting a Baby

Must-Have Items to Buy When Expecting a Baby : Waiting for a baby can be an exciting but frustrating experience. Thinking about everything you should buy for your child can be daunting, especially if you are a parent for the first time (and even if you are not!)

The first step is to consider your needs. We have collected a list of the most important things you need for a newborn baby.

A Crib

You’ll need to plan for your baby to sleep somewhere. A cradle or three-sided cot can be a good option in the first few months if you prefer to start small.

Most cots do not have mattresses, so you’ll need to include a flame retardant mattress.


Regardless of whether you choose disposable material or cloth, you want to have diapers at home waiting for those countless changes that you will be making in the first few days of your child’s life.

Do not buy more than a small package of newborns, unless you are sure that your child will be small. If the child weighs almost 10 pounds at birth, he/she will outgrow it before even trying them on.

Baby Carrier

You probably will want to keep your child as close to you as possible, so this is a necessity. Various baby carriers are available on the market so you should have no problem finding one to suit your requirements and your pocket. Ensure it has some form of safety certification if possible.

Bathing and Childcare

You can buy a special bathtub in which you can wash your baby until the child is old enough to go to a family bath. There are many designs to choose from, and the best baby bath depends on your personal preferences.

For the first few days, do not wash the baby’s umbilical cord to allow it to heal. This means that you use a special bathtub so that your child can lie on a “hammock” instead of in the water.

Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are multivitamins that have been specially developed to meet the increased demand for micronutrients during pregnancy.

It would be best to start taking prenatal vitamins at least one month before conception and throughout your pregnancy, from the 4th week of pregnancy until the beginning of labour and delivery. That is why it’s a good idea to use a pregnancy date calculator to learn about these important schedules.

Prenatal vitamins are available in most over-the-counter pharmacies or can be obtained using a doctor’s prescription.


Most children love to sleep in a comfortable blanket – but you don’t need any special blankets. Any soft and warm child or receiving blanket will get the job done.


Baby Clothing
Baby Clothing

There are no rules about what materials are best, but you want to have enough onesies (babies can go through four or five of these bodysuits daily!), half-shirts, romper costumes, singlets, pants and one-piece pyjamas and dresses (easier for late-night diaper changes).

Your baby’s clothes need to be comfortable, soft, safe and made of natural fabrics. Don’t stock up on too many pieces as babies grow quickly and gain weight.


Bathing is an integral part of a child’s day and there is nothing better than wrapping him/her with a soft, fluffy towel. If you wrap the baby with such a towel after bathing you will protect sensitive skin and keep it warm after drying.

Look for towels that are large enough to survive beyond the baby stage (slightly larger than 30 inches) and that remain nice and soft after many washes.


You can easily deal with fever, rashes and other common conditions your baby may have thanks to a well-stocked medicine cabinet, medicine bag or first aid kit (which is portable and can be kept out of reach).

Only a few medications can be safely used with a child, so care should be taken to ensure that children receive the right type of medicine and the correct dose. It’s best to ask your doctor or pharmacist if you’re unsure what to give your child.

Car Seat

This is the only baby item that the hospital may require you to have before they can discharge you and your newborn. This cosy seat often proves very valuable because many babies tend to fall asleep in it.


If you have the above items, then you are well prepared for your new baby.

But don’t let this list stop you – there are many additional kids’ products you may also discover will make your life more comfortable, fun or safe with your child.








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Must-Have Items to Buy When Expecting a Baby

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