Natural Approaches To Being In A Better Mood

Natural Approaches To Being In A Better Mood: Some might argue otherwise, but it’s a biological reality that females are much more likely than males to become overly upset, perturbed, or downright angry over issues that really shouldn’t be given the severity they are. In truth, it all comes down to a woman’s brain biochemistry in part, and equally so for the fact that we’re also much more inclined to hang on to those upsetting issues and be in ‘a bad mood’ much more often and for longer periods of time.

This is really unhealthy in the big picture of things, and I believe quite firmly that life is too short to be in a foul mood for any lengthy period of time. And if it’s becoming a predominant theme in your life, then you REALLY need to take action. Let’s also be clear that there is a MAJOR difference between being a bad mood frequently and having depression. Depression will often require clinical / pharmaceutical treatment and shouldn’t be regarded lightly.

Whereas with a chronic inclination to be in a bad mood, there are a few natural approaches with both lifestyle changes and natural Metagenics supplements that are especially effective. Let’s discuss those lifestyle changes here today, and if there’s one vitamin you need plenty of to stay in a good mood, it is definitely Vitamin D. More about that at a later date.

Get More Natural Sunlight

You’ve probably heard of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). People who suffer from it feel terribly down day in and out during the dark winter months because they’re especially receptive to a lack of vitamin D from natural sunlight. This same principle can affect people all throughout the year, however, and the dip in your mood from simply not getting enough natural sunlight can be a really subtle one that you may not readily identify.

No matter what season it is, if the sun is unobscured in the sky you should make every effort you can to get outdoors and soak some of it up. It can go a long way to improving your mood long-term. Another benefit of this approach is that it helps you sleep better – which of course makes you feel better and makes challenges of any sort much less intimidating.


Do Good Deeds – Often!

Some people might be surprised at this suggestion, but there is so much to be said for doing something that has immediately recognizable benefits for someone / a group of people other than yourself – or for humanity as a whole! Research indicates that people who volunteer are happier than those who don’t. How does that work relating to a person’s mood exactly? Well, it increases empathy, which in turn makes you appreciate all of the good things in your own life.

This can be as dedicated as travelling to a foreign country to help build an orphanage, or it can be as simple as making a monthly donation to sponsor an underprivileged child in a 3rd-World country.


Immerse Yourself in Something You Enjoy Very Much

We underline the word immerse here because it’s of great importance for you to be completely absorbed in whatever it is if this tip will be effective. It has the potential to be effective because doing anything that you enjoy immensely and giving it the entire spectrum of your mental faculties while enjoying it produces a mega-load of endorphins (feel good hormones) to be released by the brain.

For example, let’s say you’re a HUGE music fan. Give yourself 2 hours and turn the lights off in your bedroom. CRANK the tunes on your iPod and lie on your bed, singing along to your heart’s content.

Tell us how you feel afterward. Bet you feel so great you can’t wait to do it again. So, DO IT AGAIN, and regularly!


Take Account of All the Good In Your Life

Not to be overly self-critical, but most of us in the Western, developed world don’t really truly appreciate how good we have it here. We enjoy a high quality of life overall, and from a more individual perspective we all need to be more appreciative of the tremendously beneficial elements in our lives. Many of us are fortunate to have a life partner that provides us with love and positive energy, and most of us have a level of financial stability that allows us to live the majority of the life we want to live.

Take stock of the value you put in your close friendships, particularly with people who’ve been your friend for years if not decades. If you have a primary hobby, give thought regularly to just how much enjoyment and personal satisfaction you get from engaging in it. And – last but not least – if you have an upcoming event that you’re looking forward to, go ahead and REALLY look forward to it!


Exercise with Gusto!

This one is probably a suggestion that you’re already aware of, but we’ll add it here at the end anyways. Yes, it is easier for some women than others to engage in vigorous exercise, but anything you do that gets your heart rate up and leads you to break a sweat qualifies here and will bring you the mind-positivity benefits of exercise.

So while some women will be up for going for a run, others may be equally sweaty arriving home after more of brisk walk rather than a full-on run. You get the idea, the main emphasis here is on getting moving and – if I may suggest a personal favorite – take those dynamite tunes on your iPod I suggested earlier in point 3 and DANCE to them with wild abandon! And if you’re not blessed with rhythm and coordination, don’t concern yourself with that and just shut the windows.

I’ll conclude here by leaving you all with one very valuable reminder. BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING. I wish you all the very best all through life!





Natural Approaches To Being In A Better Mood

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Natural Approaches To Being In A Better Mood