Naturally Quick Relaxation Techniques

When your mind is racing from one thought to the next and you just can’t seem to quiet yourself down from a hectic life, any relief will do. Relax. There are some easy ways to get you to calm down, slow down and rejuvenate without using harmful drugs or alcohol to settle your mind and body.

1. Get out and about

Getting out for a walk, jog or bike ride in the sunshine can offer you a chance to work out some tension and get some healthy exercise to boot. Any physical exertion releases endorphins and serotonin into your bloodstream. These are the body’s natural chemicals that will help you to feel uplifted, improve your focus and memory and even help you to sleep better.

2. Turn on the radio or some favourite music because music feeds the soul

Various studies have proved that listening to music while stressed or anxious can help to calm a person. Nature music is known for it’s calming affects. But on the flip side, music can also have the opposite effect. Uplifting music or calming music are the best choices if you are looking to repose.

3. Take a moment for a warm and inviting bath

Run yourself a tub full of warmth after a chaotic day. Add some lavender oil for added relaxation benefits and sit back and enjoy. Take the time that you need for yourself and unwind.

4. Deep breathing exercises can work wonders

When we are stressed out we tend to hold our breath and pull inwards, tensing up. Oxygen intake has a calming effect on our bodies so these exercises can help. Practice visualization and meditation for the full benefit. Put yourself in another place and time, all the while concentrating on the inhaling and exhaling process.

5. Talk to a trusted friend or family member

Get your worries and anxieties off of your chest and simply talk about it. But remember that you may get advice, whether or not you want it.

6. Use your imagination

Try out your green thumb, plant a new flowerbed using bright, cheerful colors. Read a funny book or write one. Draw or paint a picture. Take some pictures and pick some pretty flowers. Think of ways to brighten your mind and spirit.

When you begin to feel that you need a few moments to unwind and de-stress, take the time you need. We often let ourselves get beyond the point of no return and it can hurt not only ourselves but those around us. It’s not being selfish, it’s being human.


Naturally Quick Relaxation Techniques