Non-Monetary Donations That Can Make a Real Difference

Non-Monetary Donations That Can Make a Real Difference : With economic insecurity and class disparity at all-time highs, it’s easy to see why so many of us are extremely hesitant to part with our money. After all, with so many Americans just a single emergency away from financial ruin, it’s only natural that we’d make a point of saving every possible penny.

Frugality, however, is no excuse for ignoring those in need. So, if you’re keen on charitable giving but are lacking in financial resources, consider the benefits of non-monetary donations.

Donating Blood

Countless medical facilities and charities are always accepting blood donations. Taking a few minutes out of your day to donate some blood stands to save a life, so if you’re on the hunt for charity work that doesn’t involve a huge time commitment, blood donation may be right up your alley. (Of course, this isn’t to say that you can’t regularly donate blood on top of other charity work.) Potential donors who are looking for a good place to get started should look into Vitalant blood donation.

Donating Unneeded Electronics

It’s easy to see why the average household produces a staggering amount of e-waste. Not only are we carrying around more devices than ever before, we’re also upgrading them on a seemingly perpetual basis. With countless phones, computers and other essential devices becoming outdated within a frustratingly short timeframe, many of us have closets full of perfectly usable – albeit slightly outdated – electronics.

Instead of allowing these devices to sit around and collect dust, why not donate them to individuals and organizations who are likely to get a lot more use out of them? In fact, some charities exist for the sole purpose of rehoming unneeded electronics. Devices that you regard as outdated are likely to be viewed as perfectly usable by others, so if you have any old electronics that are serving no purpose outside of taking up space, don’t hesitate to find them new homes.

Donating Food

No matter where you’re based, you should have no problem finding food drives in your area. For starters, many churches and homeless shelters are always accepting food donations. Although many people only take notice of food drives during the holiday season, it’s important to realize that hunger and food anxiety are year-round issues. Furthermore, schools and various charities regularly organize food drives throughout the year.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you may want to consider volunteering for an organization role in an upcoming food drive. In this capacity, you will be responsible for collecting, documenting and organizing a wide assortment of donations.

Donating Time

For many charitable organizations, homeless shelters and schools, volunteering one’s time is every bit as valuable as donating money. For example, if there are any understaffed shelters in your area, consider offering to help prepare meals, process new arrivals or solicit donations. Similarly, if any local schools could use a helping hand, you may want to think about volunteering your services as a recess monitor, field trip chaperone or office helper.

In addition, you’d be hard-pressed to find a senior living community that isn’t in the market for eager volunteers. Furthermore, volunteering doesn’t necessarily mean getting intimately involved in the caregiving process. Rather, it generally entails chatting with residents, reading to them and supervising group activities. Even if you’re unable to find a senior community that’s in need of volunteers, you should consider spending some time with other special seniors in your life, be they parents, grandparents or casual acquaintances.

Animal lovers should consider seeking out shelters that are actively in need of volunteers. Helping prep a plethora of furry friends for adoption and playing a vital role in finding them new homes is sure to provide you with a tremendous sense of warmth and accomplishment.

There’s little wonder as to why so many of us actively try to save every penny we get. With stagnant wages, high cost-of-living and growing class disparity, a sizable number of Americans regularly contend with economic insecurity. Needless to say, not having much money to spare can prove frustrating for people who enjoy charitable giving. However, while monetary donations can certainly be conducive to difference-making, they’re far from the only form of charity. Charitable individuals who are strapped for cash would do well to consider the types of donations discussed above.





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Non-Monetary Donations That Can Make a Real Difference

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