OG Kush Description

OG Kush Description : Nowadays, many people are using hemp products thanks to the health benefits they offer. Most states are also now legalizing the use of hemp products. Ongoing research shows that hemp has mild side effects. In most cases, hemp has positively managed and treated mental health issues such as anxiety and panic disorders.

Regarding hemp and marijuana strains, OG Kush is one of the favorites among both newbies and seasoned smokers. In this article, we will talk more about the OG Kush marijuana strain. The article will also include tips to consider when buying OG Kush online.

About OG Kush

OG Kush is an Indica-dominant strain with mid-high THC levels. It is one of the most popular hemp strains on the market, although its origin is somewhat of a mystery. Most researchers believe it could be a cross between the Hindu Kush and Chemdawg strains.

OG Kush does well when grown indoors because it is susceptible to many diseases and is not a hardy plant. Most experts recommend using a hydroponic setup for the best growth and harvest. However, if you cannot afford to set up an indoor garden, it would be best to consider other non-soil mediums.

The flowering period of the OG Kush strain takes around two to three months. The leaves feature a yellow-green hue, but you may also get shades of orange on the leaves.

Flavors and Tastes

Most hemp strains feature strong flavors that may turn off many newbies or take a long time before you get accustomed to them. However, the medical marijuana OG Kush features a mix of mild citrusy flavors. If you are keen enough, you may taste a little bit of lemon, spice, and lime in the smoke.

However, if you are not a fan of smoking, you can opt to go for the gummies, which come in various flavors. OG Kush from Cannaflower also has high THC content levels and you may come across some versions with up to 26% THC concentration.

Medical Benefits of OG Kush

The medical marijuana OG Kush strain is a downer strain that’s best for someone who wants to unwind and relax after a long day. It helps your muscles and mind relax, making you sleep easily. It is rich in CBD, which helps manage certain mental health issues such as anxiety, panic, and stress disorders.

OG Kush can also be used for managing chronic pain, especially in patients who have cancer or arthritis. The good thing is that, unlike other pain meds, it has no significant side effects. However, we recommend consulting a physician instead of self-medicating.


OG Kush and other strains offer plenty of health benefits. However, you must ensure that you shop around to find the best quality OG Kush on the market. Ensure that you read reviews from other customers before purchasing your dose from any online weed dispensary.

Overdosing may lead to side effects such as dry mouth and eyes. If it is your first time using OG Kush, you may feel paranoid or have high anxiety. It is always good to start small and work your way up depending on how your body reacts.



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OG Kush Description