PEMF Machines Myths, Debunked in 3 Minutes

PEMF Machines Myths, Debunked in 3 Minutes
PEMF Machines Myths, Debunked in 3 Minutes

PEMF Machines Myths, Debunked in 3 Minutes : Everybody belongs to different societies and communities. It is a fact that every community takes treatments in their way, especially non-medicated treatments or therapies. PEMF is a non-invasive treatment of many acute and chronic diseases.

But unfortunately, there are many myths about its machines or devices and therapy process. So it is confusing for a person to choose the therapy. Moreover, a massive amount of information is available on the internet, or social media sites make this therapy more conflicting.

Here we will share the most common myths and facts related to them, so it is easy for you to believe over the PEMF machines.

So let’s begin

Myths about PEMF machines

If you are doing your research, then make sure it is from a reputable source or site. However, here are some misconceptions regarding the PEMF devices long with their truths.

  1. PEMF machines have high intensity

    Keep in mind that everybody’s organs and human beings are different from each other. So everybody organ requires a different intensity of the PEMFs. Many scientific studies support that high-intensity PEMFs help to cure many diseases. But it is not true that only high-intensity PEMF works. Somebody organs require the medium or low intensity or frequency of the PEMFs, and it also works effectively. Some studies report that the low-intensity PEMFs are more effective for maintaining the personals sensitive to the electric fields.

  2. Specific PEMF waveforms are effective

    Every PEMF machine has a specific waveform, but the waveform is less vital than the amount of charge in the body. However, every machine waveform is designed to provide a certain amount of charge to the body. So it is not true that a specific waveform is effective as every range of it is efficient in producing the charge.

  3. Not FDA approved

    FDA is a safety and effectiveness certificate. Sentient Element PEMF machines are FDA approved.

    Device manufacturers keep certain circumstances in the device to get the FDA approval. But it is a fact that some PEMF devices work in different conditions, so it is difficult for them to take a license. So it doesn’t mean that these devices are not effective.

  4. PEMF shouldn’t combine with any other medication

    It is usually that doctors often say that PEMF is not used along with medication. Keep in mind that doctors may not have helpful guides about the therapy as it is not their field of work. Many resources support the fact that PEMF therapy improves the absorption and utilization of medication in the body.

  5. PEMF machines are hazardous

    Many of us interlink the lump therapeutic PEMF with the EMF, which creates the misunderstanding that it is dangerous. However, the PEMF devices have a long history and prove that it is safe for the human body at every intensity and frequency. Now it is also FDA approved, which ensures its safety level.

  6. PEMF machines are similarly effective as the magnets

    Some of us work in the field of magnetics that has benefits and limitations. But it is a fact that PEMFs are significantly more practical than magnetics. However, magnetics has its advantages that only work best with specific rules.







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PEMF Machines Myths, Debunked in 3 Minutes

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