Places to visit in Nainital Tour

Places to visit in Nainital Tour : Nanital is considered as one of the most well -known hill station not only now but also by the Britishers. There are many ways of transport to reach Nainital but railway mode of transport is considered as the easiest as Kathgodam and Haldwani are nearby railway station, also direct trains from Kolkata, Delhi or Lucknow are available with the duration of 6-7 hours of journey.

There is also an airport nearby which is Pantnagar but the frequency of flight is negligible so people prefer travelling by train over flights. There is a facility of buses also with duration of 8 to 9 hours, Nainital Tour is of the most beautiful experience one can have.

People usually prefer coming here to relax there mind as it is surrounded by greenery and breath taking scenery.

  1. Naini lake

    Nani lake is located near Nanital bus stop and can be found easily as it is such a beautiful and huge lake. Boat ride is one of the most famous thing to do as it makes you experience the lake by sailing on it, the price of the boat ride is also affordable. The price of one round in the boat is 210 RS and may vary, the price of half round is 160 RS and may also vary as per the season.

  2. Naina Devi temple

    This is one of the Shakti Peets and is considered as one of the most powerful temples, Maata naina Devi is known by her two eyes many people from far places come here to visit and take blessings from Maata naina devi. It is believed that this is where the eyes from Goddess Sati fell when Lord shiva were carrying her burned corpse this is one of the shakti peets from the 51 of them. On festivals like Navratri & Nanda Ashtami huge number of people visit the temple as it is celebrated in a grand manner this celebration continues till 8 days and on the last day immersion of Nanda Devi with her sister Naini Devi is done.

  3. Naina Peak

    This is the highest hill top and is also considered one of the most beautiful treks one can take, For people who love walking this is a bliss as it offers a breath- taking view of the city Nainital also Himalayas and a vast region of Kumaon can be seen from the top of it. Many people from various places come here to experience the fresh air which can relieve the mind and also improve the quality of life. For a break from a daily hectic life this can not only give a peaceful experience but can also provide some enthusiasm and excitement for the other activities. This peak is around 9.4 KM from the city for people who like long walks can easily trek onto this peak as after reaching the top of it the efforts put in would feel worth it.

  4. Mall road

    Mall road has the best hotels with a magnificent view as it directly faces the Naini Lake.  Vehicles are not allowed so that the tourists can walk and enjoy the mall road. Candles are really well known as they are available in different sizes and shapes also with a very amazing scent, They can impress you in a glimpse of its scent. Many people like to take home with them items such as Wooden artifacts, Handcrafted items, shawls and many more woven items, They take them home as souvenirs. Clothes are also very good many of them are hand woven which not only resembles efforts but also a sign of love. Many people take home wooden artifacts to decorate their place as they are very beautifully made.

  5. Dorthy Seat Tiffin Top

    Tiffin Top is famous by the name picnic spot of Nainital as it on top of Ayarpatta Hills and provides a view of many hills in Kumaon Region. The Trek to the top of this is one of the most easiest trek one can take as it is only 4 KM from the city and is a big attraction to the tourists coming to this place. People who do not prefer trekking can also opt for a pony ride with can cost upto 500 -700 RS there is no fixed time for the trek but would be preferable to trek around 9:00 am – 6:30 pm the sunset would be one amazing sight. It is also known as the romantic gem of Nainital as it is a very romantic spot on top of the hill with a beautiful sunset well, usually a hill station is considered to be a romantic place but with a hill top like this it accentuates its beauty.




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Places to visit in Nainital Tour

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