Planning the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Planning the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen : With the weather warming up, homeowners across the country are starting to look forward to backyard barbecues, relaxing meals with family, and entertaining friends. Having the perfect outdoor kitchen makes all of these activities more fun for everyone, but it takes some planning to get every element right. Read on to find out how to get started.

Get In Some Brainstorming Sessions

Now’s the time to start looking for inspiration on TV, online, in magazines, or even in friends’ backyards. Getting some serious brainstorming sessions in and checking out companies like RTA Outdoor Living that offer both design services and high-quality products won’t just make homeowners more excited about the project. Finding inspiration in other people’s successful outdoor kitchen installations also improves designs and makes it more likely that everything will go smoothly when it comes time to build.

Determine Space Limitations

Homeowners should start figuring out space limitations before even looking at specific kitchen products. That way, they can avoid the disappointment of finding the perfect grill, outdoor bar, or set of countertops only to find that they’re two inches too big to fit the space. Knowing exactly how large the space will be can help homeowners narrow down options, which is a good thing given exactly how many of them there will be.

Set a Budget

Another good way to narrow down options for outdoor kitchen products is to set a clear budget. However, homeowners should wait until after the brainstorming stage of planning an outdoor kitchen. That way, they’ll have a clearer idea of what to expect in terms of product and material pricing and labor costs for the installation, if applicable.

If it seems like money will be tight, try to prioritize the most important things like quality equipment and countertops instead of sacrificing quality for the sake of adding in a lot of extras. Homeowners can always go back and install sinks, bars, or pizza ovens, but if they skimp on quality when purchasing something essential like a grill, the whole space will suffer.

Pay Attention to Utilities

After getting to know the space and choosing high-quality appliances that will fit both that and the family’s budget, take some time to consider where the utility lines are before making final decisions about where to put anything. If the grill will run on gas, it will need a natural gas line. If there will be a bar sink, that sink will need to be plumbed in. Adding outdoor lights will require electricity. These are all concerns that need to be factored into not just the overall budget but also the placement of each element.

Accommodate Guests

Having an awesome outdoor kitchen isn’t just about creating a space to cook comfortably. Most people who go through the trouble of designing the perfect space intend on using it for entertaining, so don’t forget to incorporate things like comfortable seating, adequate shade, and clear pathways through the area that are free from obstructions.

Don’t Be Afraid to Consult a Professional

Want to plan the perfect outdoor kitchen and have some extra money in the budget? Don’t be afraid to hire a professional designer. These industry experts make it their job to take people’s best ideas and turn them into actionable plans for creating their dream kitchens. They can answer questions, help with material selection, and more.




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Planning the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

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