Polite Ways to Say No to a Guy

It’s easy to say ‘yes’ to someone, but saying ‘no’ is extremely difficult. There is a feeling of sad and guilt when you say ‘no’ to a good guy who asks you out. Although saying ‘no’ to a guy is hard, it can become a bit easier with these useful tips.

1. Don’t use indirect ways

Don’t opt for indirect ways for telling ‘no’ a boy who asks you out. If you ask your friend to convey your ‘no’, it might really hurt him. Try to be honest and tell about your decision in person. Trust me if you tell him in person, he might accept your ‘no’ in a better way.

2. Don’t be hurtful to him

Boys also have feelings, so if you’re going to say ‘no’ to a guy who asks you out, don’t be hurtful to him. Don’t tell him that you don’t like his character or appearance. This is a hurtful and rude comment. If you say ‘no’, do it in a polite tone. Stay positive and calm in your approach.

3. Say ‘thanks’

If you want to say ‘no’ to a guy who asks you out, say ‘thanks’ at first and only then tell him a ‘no’. In this way a guy won’t really feel bad about the situation. You can even tell him that you’re not interested in him. This is one of the best ways politely say ‘no’ to a guy who asks you out!

4. Say a polite ‘no’

Saying polite ‘no’ can really work for you. Often a simple ‘no’ is much better than any reason. When a man asks you out, tell him ‘no thanks’ and explain that you are not interested in dating him. Or tell him that you have a boyfriend. He will definitely understand you.

5. Write him

If you can’t tell him ‘no’ in person, then write him. Write a note or a message to him stating your reasons to say ‘no.’ However, don’t give the exact reason, if it’s too personal. Write him ‘thanks’, ‘sorry’ and ‘no’. He will surely get the point clearly. Perhaps, this is not so polite way to say ‘no’ to a guy who asks you out, but it can really work for you.

6. Tell him you’re too busy to date

You can say ‘no’ to a guy who asks you out stating you’re too busy with your work that you can’t date now. You don’t have to mention the exact reason, just tell him politely that you’re busy, and you can’t go on a date. I think this is not a good way to say ‘no’, especially if you don’t like the guy, because he might ask you out again.

7. Don’t feel guilty

Most girls feel guilty or sad after saying ‘no’, but there is actually no point in being so sad, because it’s your decision and your life. Anyone can decide what you want. Even if you said ‘no,’ stay calm and positive. There’s nothing wrong with it, trust me.

Usually I use the ways 3 and 4 to say ‘no’ to a guy who asks me out. And what about you? How do you say ‘no’ to a guy who asks you out? Share your thoughts, please!


Polite Ways to Say No to a Guy