Prefer Love over Hatred

God gave us two ears to hear, two eyes to see and two hands to hold. But why did God give us only one heart? Because he wants us to find the other one. You love someone not because you need that person, you need that person because you love that person. In love, the past is not important, but the present. Experience is more relevant than the pain you went through. The only thing that will make it stronger is forgiveness and not the retorting of sin. God is so good. He knows where a person will be happy, where they can love and be loved, where heaven on earth is.

No matter what words were used or what meaning about love was delivered, love quotes were said and written out of inspiration and to emphasize each person’s purpose for living…and that is to give love. There are times when one must love even to the detriment of one’s “state” (so it would seem, anyway). There are times when one must work oneself to the point of exhaustion for the sake of love. And there are times when one must get involved in things that seem less than clean, less than spiritual, in order to help the humanity. One must jump into the mud in order to rescue those who are drowning in it. One must jump into the ocean of ignorance, attachment, strange ideas and views, spiritual falsities, in order to save people from these things.

Out of love God becomes man, and takes on the incredible burden of ego, of illusion, of ignorance, in order to save man from these. In the same way, it is important for man to hold the well-being of all ABOVE “spiritual elevation.” The kind of spiritual elevation that seems to be in competition with true love and service and help is not true spiritual elevation. Love is the truest spiritual state of man. It is the closest to God, and the closest to Truth. This is not to say that one should not take the time necessary to be with Him, to rejuvenate in prayer and communion, this is essential — just as food and friendship and air are essential — to the human soul.

One must have a balanced and wide view of these things. Sometimes, when one is performing a task for the sake of love and one begins to feel weary, tired, one’s mind may even feel less spiritualized and illuminated due to the tiredness that one feels. In that case, there are two ways that people might tend to choose. One person may heroically work on until falling over in need of rest. Another person may stop immediately in order to rejuvenate, reconnect to God, etc. Either of these choices may be appropriate, but most likely something more balanced is appropriate. People should not feel as if their spirituality is so frail that they are not able to persist in a task, or in the great task of world salvation, to the extent that is truly needed. And also, one must maintain one’s connection to God, one’s spiritual/emotional health. Therefore, it is wise to take a moment, an hour, a day, or even more, to rejuvenate in His arms when necessary.

There are times when it would be wise to work until you fall over, for if you fall He will catch you. And, truth be told, He is with you always. When you see the truth, you will know that He is always with you, even AS you are working yourself to the bone. So, He does not want to take away from the value of being willing to fall over in your efforts to serve, to save, etc.

At the same time, there are times when it is absolutely necessary and/or appropriate to take very regular breaks to be with God. There are times when the super-abundance that this would create is what is absolutely needed (for example, when a person needs a type of healing from you, which would take a super-abundance of energy). And also, there are times when a very HIGH refinement in one’s way of thinking is also absolutely needed for the task. People of the absolute HIGHEST enlightenment may be able to maintain such a rarity and illumination of thought in any state, but most of His followers cannot. Therefore, there are times when it is appropriate to take regular breaks with God, long before you are anywhere near the point of falling down.

You must evaluate these things with this question: What does love require? What does this person, this world, this group require? You must feel through things with this question in your hearts, and turn to Him continually for guidance, for the answer to this question, and you will find the right way to go in each specific case.

There is nothing so untrue TO YOU as the lives that you are living. Your hearts are dissatisfied. You are so dissatisfied with the values that you and others around you have. You experience your relationships with others to be dissatisfactory, because human beings everywhere are choosing to follow the values that this world has to offer, rather than loving wholeheartedly, passionately, with generosity and integrity.

It is true that ordinary” in the sense that you understand the word “ordinary.” Love is greater than anything that this world has to offer. What this world calls love, for the most part, is not enough to keep any heart feeling alive and happy.

The point of your entire existence is to love. Learn to love, transcend yourselves for the sake of love, for the sake of others. That is the whole reason that you are here, to love. Many people go through their whole lives pursuing other things. When they die they are unfulfilled. No person can be fulfilled until they learn to truly love; to love from the heart, without self-protection, without fear.

Love means that you are aware of others around you, that you care about them from the depths of your heart, with all the emotion and attention that you feel for yourself and your own life. Love means that the spiritual and emotional well-being of others means everything to you, and you will commit your being and your life to enriching the lives of others; to uplifting their spirits; to reminding them of who they are; to helping them let go of false ideas and fears, and to love.

This may seem out of reach, you may be thinking, “That’s far ahead of where I am. I’m just a beginner in the spiritual path; I’m not a saint.” You may then think that you are invalid. You need to understand that you learn to love by loving. And since there is no other purpose to being here, on this planet, you may as well start now.

It is true that love requires learning to love. It is true, that you will have to go through many cycles of learning what you are doing that is unloving, and adjusting to be more loving. But you see, this is all part of the love itself: to learn; to adjust, to transcend your limitations.

There may be many things that you do now that you call love, but you will come to find out that they are not done out of love, but out of fear, or self-protection, or self-interest. Love requires that when you see that truth, you face it with courage, and adjust. The ego requires that when you see that fact, you collapse, feel terribly ashamed, and fail to make the adjustment; and fail to love, because you are too busy feeling bad about yourself. Or else, ego will require you to deny the errors you make, or become defensive. Either way, love will not be fulfilled.

Love will be fulfilled when you are willing to be honest. Yes, this is one of the first requirements for love: self-honesty. When you are self-honest it is because you hold something, or someone, as being more important than defending your bad habits or negative beliefs. When people are willing to look honestly at themselves it is almost always for love’s sake.

So, you must look around you, at your beloved ones — your friends, your family, whoever is most near to you — and love them. Learn fr
om them what you are doing that is unloving, either by asking them, or by paying attention to their responses to what you are doing. Learn to love them better. Commit yourselves to this task of loving, truly loving.

And also, look at those whom you do not consider your friends, and love them too, despite everything that causes you to feel distant from them, or angry or unhappy with them. Love them despite these things. See past their negative attributes and bad habits to the soul that they are, and love that soul, and pray for their release from the bad habits that have bothered you and hurt you for so long; for those bad habits have hurt them, too. Your love must prevail upon your hate. Prefer love over hatred.

Love is to see who people are, and who God is — who God REALLY is, and who people REALLY are — and to love them. Love is to see what everything really is, and to love everything, as it really is. And also, love is to see what people are going through, and to care, and to respond honestly, without letting self-protective or fearful feelings get in the way.

This is love: to transcend oneself for others. Love is to adjust for others. Love is to see others, and love them. And by means of true love, others feel less and less like others. You come to feel that every man and woman, and God, and the whole earth, is your own — your own child, brother, sister. And then, further, you come to feel that these ARE you; part of your own body, your own soul. Your desires are not separate from those of God, or from the true heart’s desires of others. When this comes to be, you will have found inner peace, and there will no longer be any need for struggle.

Be Happy – Prefer Love over Hatred