Prefer Mental Peace over Money.

Is it not strange that I am asking you to prefer your mental peace over money? We understand the importance of power of money that it plays in satisfying our needs – whether those needs are our essential, social and luxury related. If you have sufficient money in your coffers or at your disposal in any shape, you may have consolation in your mind. But sometime availability of money does not ensure mental peace and we run impatiently for gathering more and more in spite of the fact we know that we may perhaps be not able to enjoy our earlier collection fully.

We are mad even then. Why? Why do we loose our mental peace in this process? Whenever I have an opportunity to meet some gathering, I find that majority of the people present there would be discussing about their sufferings and the perceived cause for which suffering is a lack of money to meet their needs. It is this perceived lack of money that becomes the focus of their situation, blinding them to our True Source of Infinite Abundance.

One of the most detrimental issues with humanity today, is the obsession with money and material possessions, entirely human creation. God did not make out anything to be called “money”. It is our creation. Our distant ancestors were manifesting everything they required relative to their specific needs at their stage of evolution, long before “money” was even conceived by more recent humanity. The only reason people are so dependent on money is because they believe that money is an absolute necessity, required in order to realize their wishes, needs and desires.

If everyone in the world ceases focusing on money, the illusion of money may not be sustained and would accordingly cease to exist as a concept along with the misery it causes. While people hold and hang on to this belief about money it will always be a self-perpetuating aspect of their experience, and such people will remain a slave to money for the duration of their entire physical life.

From a human perspective, money somehow is supposed to represent value. But what is “value”? Value is a purely notional concept relative to the perception of each individual. The notion of value fluctuates dramatically as the “economy”, “rate of inflation”, “foreign exchange rates” and many other such human constructs, change.

The irony is that even these factors, in and of themselves are simply human constructs, which can and are often manipulated by world governments, institutions and in particular central banks for their own ends. No one really understands how or on what basis the central banks print money. We are given to understand that the amount of money in circulation is supposed to be “backed” by the equivalent in reserves of gold, but of course there is no way for most people to verify this is actually the case.

In any case, only a very small percentage of the money in the world tangibly exists in the form of physical coins and notes. Most money exists only in the form of electronic data – bits and bytes held on a network of computer systems that can simply move money around at the touch of a computer key.

The so called “central banks” which control money supply, can, and do generate millions, billions even trillions of monetary units which you can call as Rupee, Dollars, Pounds, Yens, Yuan, whatsoever you may name, out of thin air, as we saw a couple of years ago during the “banking crisis”. In the case of the “Federal Reserve” – which is a privately owned company – this notional money is then “lent” to the government who have to pay interest on that money – interest which becomes a huge burden on the economy and which is ultimately paid for by the people in the street.

Money is therefore, like religion, primarily an instrument of control.

This raises the question then – if trillions of dollars can be generated at the push of a button, why should there be so much lack in the world today with its resultant misery – surely there must be enough to go around?

So, even “money” itself is a notional concept—an illusion existing only to perpetuate the human concept of “value”, but which for many people, businesses and governments has long been an obsession at the expense of everything else including compassion, service, Love and the needs of the majority.

It is not, never has been and never will be within the sphere of human Beings to decide how things should be expressed into physical reality where they can be experienced.

It is this erroneous belief that is one of the greatest sources of all misery, with people making money the centre of their priorities. Again, “money” is at one level simply a human construct, a notional method of exchange, and at the most basic level most money does not really exist in a tangible form except for the few percent that remains in circulation in the form of notes and coins that people can “spend” in exchange for products and services.

In reality money has never been necessary to obtain our every wish, need and desire.
Our ancient ancestors lived quite happily without money, because they understood the True Source of Supply.

People may say “well they did not have the luxuries that we do today”, but that again is materialistic thinking. True mental peace is not, never has been and never will be measured in terms of money and material possessions—it is always relative to each individual. One person’s poverty is the next person’s riches.

Society has always encouraged people to compare themselves with others, thereby desiring bigger and better things to keep up appearances. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Money is the fuel of materialism and the basis for the enforcement of human power over what is perceived as “others—one of the main reasons that humanity has been heading away from its own true purpose and destiny and towards potential disaster.

While so many people focus on money as an object of power, control and means of obtaining goods and services, it will be associated with the Energy that perpetuates that same power, and so the association of money with power and control will be perpetuated.

While we all create our own realities at an individual level, the same is also true at a consensual level of the human Mind – upon the collective Mental Plane of the Human Mind. While the consensus Consciousness of the majority of Human Beings is that money is important and necessary, then this will always remain a consensus reality.

Again—money is in fact nothing more than a large-scale illusion perpetuated on a massive scale. While people place so much emphasis on money, and while money can be used as an instrument of control and power, this situation will continue until humanity eventually awakes, and recognizes the illusion of money for what it truly is.

Money is intangible and unreal. Money is Energy – it flows in to our Life Experience and out of our Life Experience. The more freely it flows, the more Abundance we Experience. If we constrict the flow of “money Energy” through for example, fear of debt, fear of spending, being “miserly” and so on, it is akin to putting a kink in a hosepipe, restricting the flow of water, or even stopping it altogether.

So approach “money” as a flowing of unrestricted Energy, never attaching any form of thought pattern to it, never being afraid to receive or spend it, never fearing or doubting its Source of Supply, and I am sure you will be surprised and delighted with the positive effects upon your life Experience.

You may classify your needs into the following categories –

1. Essential needs 2. Social needs 3. Luxury needs.

When you are able to meet your essential needs smoothly, afford social needs after meeting your essential needs and ignore luxury needs if you can not afford them smoothly, you will have mental peace and that is required preference over your money gathering.

Be Happy – Prefer Mental Peace Over Money.