Professional Video Production Tips For Beginners

Professional Video Production Tips For Beginners : Creating professional videos can be a daunting task for beginners. Having good equipment is not enough if you will not enhance your video production skills. Mastering video production techniques is necessary if you want to take your shooting skills to the next level.

As a beginner, it will not be easy but the constant practice is the key to creating videos like a professional. Here are some tips that every beginning shooter should keep in mind to produce professional videos.

Avoid the winging approach

As a beginner, it might be easy for you to take a “wing it” approach. The first thing that will come to your mind is that you have done it before. But if you will allow your previous experience to get in the way of a new experience, you are not going to learn. When you take on a project, think of it as something you had never done before.

Start off by choosing the mood and the music that goes with it. List down specific shots you want to get. You can draw inspiration by watching similar videos.

Relax and focus

When shooting videos, things will not always work out according to plan. When this happens, it can be easy for you to get rattled and lose your focus. Unexpected problems will always arise but the best thing to do is stay calm and keep your focus.

If you are panicking and there is a client shoot, chances are your crew and even the client will feel the same way. Understand that things will not always work according to plan so you should always have a backup. Have a clear vision and focus on the task at hand.

Avoid distractions

Shooting in front of a huge crowd can be a source of distraction for novice shooters. The key is to keep your eye on the camera. It will not be an easy feat but getting affected by crowd reactions can have a huge impact on your video output.

Never let distractions divert your attention to the task at hand. Never let your eyes wander off the camera. Be detail oriented and keep your focus.

While shooting product videos you can use Photo Light Boxes to focus on products and avoid distractions. Some of the best Photo Light Boxes are listed at Polaroid FotoBar for your reference.

Know your equipment

Whether it’s your own or someone else’s. it is important to have a full understanding of your equipment. While you can set your camera to automatic or presets, you are not taking full advantage of the capabilities of the equipment. If you don’t understand image stabilization lens, what’s the point of using it?

Always have a back-up

You will never know how long one battery and 32GB of memory will last during a shoot. You don’t want to find yourself running low or empty on battery in the middle of an event. During emergencies, it is always to have a spare battery or memory card. It is also advisable that you are back-up your files too. While on a break during a shoot, transfer your files from a memory card to an external hard drive.

Once you’ve worked on one video, you’ll start to feel much more enjoyable at each shoot going forward. Even getting through the first few takes will loosen you up to focus more on your shots and less on your nerves. Stay on track for a successful shoot by asking questions, keeping your focus, and preparing for the unexpected.

Practice shooting steady videos

A tripod can help you get started with shooting steady videos. However, you should not depend much on it. It is possible to shoot steady videos even without a lot of gear. Position your body in such a way that every breath you take will not result in unwanted camera movements.

You can use the ground, a wall, or another object as camera brace for getting interesting visual perspectives. Without a tripod, you can easily move about to shoot some scenes without being stuck in one spot.

Practice Widescreen Videos

Widescreen videos allow you to get more content in a single shot. However, this does not mean that you will shoot all wide shots. Taking close up shots will still convey more emotion than a groupie or a shot of a crowd.

Shoot videos outdoors

You would think that shooting outdoor is very easy because the sun gives you lighting. However, to get good results from outdoor video creation, you have to closely watch the position of the sun. Shoot with the sun at your back. If you are recording people, they may complain about looking directly into the sun. However, tell them that the shots will be better if the shots were taken into the sun.

Position Lights for your desired look

Good lighting is not all about getting as much as light as you can find. It involves knowing where to position your lights in order to get a natural effect. You can experiment with lighting in order to get the most dramatic effect. Switch off the lights and use only your equipment to get the look that you want.

Being able to shoot like a video editing company takes a lot of practice. Keeping these tips in mind will help you become a professional video producer.






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Professional Video Production Tips For Beginners

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