Questions The World’s Most Successful People Ask Themselves

Questions The World’s Most Successful People Ask Themselves

We all want to be happy and healthy, but for many of us that means reaching a certain level of success as well. In doing research for my next book and after coaching hundreds of people, I have created a list of questions to help gauge your level of success.

If you want to be successful beyond your wildest dreams, ask yourself the questions the world’s most successful people ask themselves.

  1. Am I failing enough?

Thomas Edison said it best, “I am not a failure, I just found 1,000 ways electricity will not work.” But with a little more perseverance, electricity was born. Never give up on your dreams — keep going! With each new failure you have a new opportunity to achieve success. If you aren’t failing enough, you aren’t trying hard enough.

  1. How much fun am I having?

Successful people gauge their success by the amount of fun they’re having. Successful people absolutely love their jobs, so for many it doesn’t feel like they work a day of their life — in fact it’s mostly play.

  1. Do I use my fear to motivate action?

We all have fears, but the difference between successful people and those who ignore their dreams is fear. Successful people use their fear to motivate them to action instead of letting it take them out of the game and pull them under. Fear can be used as a tool to help guide you to your inspiration.

  1. Am I connected to my inspiration?

The world’s most successful people stay inspired and use their inspiration to create new ideas. Inspiration is the catalyst to self-actualization.

  1. Am I in a state of flow?

Uber-successful people ride the waves of life with grace and ease, instead of fighting against the current and pushing in directions that are closed. Relax into the natural rhythm of your life and watch your dreams come true.