How to Realize a Dream Career

Children daydream about what they want to be when they grow up. As they grow older, those dreams either flourish or falter. It often depends on the parent’s willingness to nurture the dream. Those who carry their dreams throughout their lives can achieve them with great success. Planning for a dream career can and will make the difference between realizing it and leaving it behind.

High School

The time to start planning for a dream career is while still in high school. Guidance counselors are there to help students who wish to apply for colleges and plan their career path. Counselors help guide students in the direction of which colleges are best suited for the career type and the type of classes necessary to fulfill their dream.

Higher Education

Prepare for a dream career by first deciding which college will suit the need. For instance, attending community college will not result in becoming a doctor. The education sought should match the dream career requirements. Most colleges have a specialty career field in which they teach. Follow the dream by choosing the correct courses in college. Higher education provides better options for those who are career minded. Applying for financial aid can make the option of higher education a much more realistic option for those with limited resources.

Job Seeking

After receiving the degree from college, it is time for the job search. Choose only the best-suited matches for the dream career. For instance, becoming a CPA (certified public accountant) takes hard work. Working in the accounting department is not necessarily going to provide the best options. There are basic accounting positions that do not require any specialized training. CPA’s work hard for the higher positions; do not settle for less in order to rush finding a job.

The job market can be difficult to battle. There may be one job available with fifty applicants. It is essential to shine above the rest in order to obtain the job. From resume to interview, the applicant must prove that he/she is the best candidate for the job. Self-confidence in ability and appearance play a big role in whether an applicant is hired. It is also essential to ascertain that online presences (such as social networking sites) would not reflect poorly on the applicant. or are excellent sources for tips on interviews and resume writing.


Landing the job is over and the career has begun. The next step is considering advancement in the field of work desired. Consider returning to school occasionally to sharpen necessary skills, which will allow for advancement. Career minded people must continually learn in order to advance in the workplace.

Work can be a very satisfying venture. A person must be career-minded, keep up with trends and be willing to put forth the effort to realize his/her dream. Careful molding of the career is the only way in which to be successful. The dream career awaits those who are willing to use every advantage. There is no point in settling for mediocrity when born for stellar lives.


How to Realize a Dream Career