Reasons to Choose Natural Childbirth

Nowadays many women choose natural childbirth for lots of reasons. Having a baby may not be easy, but natural childbirth is better for you and baby. You might think that natural childbirth is a painful birth, but it’s actually the safest choice for your baby. Read on and find out a few important reasons to choose natural childbirth.

Reasons to Choose Natural Childbirth

1. Keeping your baby safe

Your doctor will tell you that it’s absolutely safe to use pain medications and that it won’t harm your baby. Maybe it’s true, but it’s also true that these pain medications go to the baby. After all, do you want your baby to be born with any amount or type of medications in their little system?

2. Freedom to move around and change positions

Another reason to choose natural childbirth is because you will have a freedom to move around and change positions if needed. With pain meds or an epidural you won’t be able to move around. Even with interventions or pain medications, it can be uncomfortable to go through labor, so it’s good to have the option of moving around and change positions to get comfortable!

3. Faster delivery

Keep in mind that some medications and epidurals can slow down the birth process. When a part of the body is numb, it’s much harder to use that part of the body to deliver fast. Woman’s body is designed to give birth, so try not to opt for pain medications.

4. Faster recovery

Giving birth naturally can give you a faster recovery! If you get pain medications or an epidural, you will have to wait until they wear off and only then you can get up and move around. And some women say that they continue to have aggravation and pain at the place of the epidural injection.

5. It reduces the need for further interventions

Having an epidural means that you’ll need many other interventions. Fetal monitoring, a catheter, and an IV will be necessary, and that’s not all. Depending on how hard it’s for you to push your baby out, the use of forceps or vacuum extraction may be necessary.

6. Having the strength to give birth on your own

Women have been giving birth for thousands of years without pain meds or interventions! As I mentioned above, woman’s body is designed to have a baby, so there is no need for intervention, of course, unless medically necessary. It’s a triumphant feeling to be able to give birth on your own without intervention!

7. Knowing your body better

If you choose to give birth without using any medications at all, you’re going to be going through a really intimate process. You’ll know your body better and discover that you have much more strength than you think. Moreover, natural childbirth will be one of the most beautiful experiences of your life!

These are many reasons to choose natural childbirth, but I want to say that not all women are able to naturally birth their baby. Pain medications are there if you need them, but natural childbirth is the best way to go. Regardless of whether you delivered your baby naturally or with pain medications or interventions, be proud of yourself because you did it! Do you know any other important reasons to choose natural childbirth? Share them, please.



Reasons to Choose Natural Childbirth