Reasons to Read Books

Reading is a form of entertainment that is usually overlooked these days. However, there are many great reasons to read books. When I was younger I used to read all the time, but as I have gotten older I have had less time for reading. Recently I started reading before bed and I understood how much I missed relaxing with a good book. Check out a few reasons to read books.

1. Reading provides an escape from reality

If you’re feeling depressed or having a difficult day, losing yourself in a good book is one of the best ways to take your mind off of your problems for a while. Sometimes it’s the only way I can relax. While I’m watching TV I still think about all of my worries and problems, but when I read books my mind is absolutely clear of all of the things except the story I’m reading.

2. Reading stimulates your imagination

I like watching movies, but another reason to read books is that you use your imagination to picture the environment and the characters. No matter how old or young you are, it’s always vital to have an active imagination and reading books is one of the best ways to stimulate your mind!

3. Reading helps you to improve your vocabulary

People who read a lot tend to have a larger vocabulary than people who read rarely. A large vocabulary is totally helpful in numerous aspects. If you’re a public speaker or a writer, your vocabulary is very important. Regardless of genre of the book I’ve picked up a many great words from reading. So grab one of your favorite books, curl up with a cup of cocoa or tea and improve your vocabulary!

4. You can read anywhere without disturbing people around you

Reading is one of the most wonderful ways to pass time without being an annoyance to people around you. You can read on public transportation without bothering anyone else, you can read in bed without keeping your partner awake. My nephew always brings books with him and when he gets bored, he just pulls out his book and starts to read. Reading keeps him occupied, and I’ve never heard him ask his parents to give him something to do, he just sits quietly and read his favorite book.

5. It’s informative

Nowadays the Internet makes finding information much easier, but I have to say that the information I’ve learned from reading books have stuck with me for many years. While I’ll never stop looking up information online, I realize that I’ll retain the information much longer if I read it in a book.

6. Reading encourages others

If you’re someone’s cousin, sister, mother, aunt or friend, someone is always paying attention to what you are doing. If they see you reading, it might encourage them to read too. Many children and young adults are not encouraged to read for pleasure since they think reading is just for a homework purpose. Showing your children that reading can be fun and enjoyable might encourage them to turn off the television and start reading a little more.

7. Books are usually better than the movie versions

There are some exceptions to this, but many books are much better than the movie versions. A book is longer and can go into more detail about the characters and situations. You can feel that you relate more to the characters in books because you know much more information about them and you are told about their inner thoughts, and in movies you’re just aware of what the characters are saying out loud, but not what they’re thinking.

Reading can open up a whole new world, so pick up a good book and start reading it right now! Do you know any other reasons to read books? Are you fond of reading books? What’s your favorite book? Share your thoughts, please!


Reasons to Read Books