Reasons Why He Said No

Every person in the world is scared of rejection. It is one of the most embarrassing situations that you could ever experience. In fact, there are many reasons why men say no and many of them have nothing to do with you. Check out a few reasons why he said no when you asked him out.

Reasons Why He Said No When You Asked Him Out

1. The way you asked him out

One of the top reasons why he said no when you asked him out is the way you said it. Maybe he was going to say yes, but he just did not like the way you asked him out. Practice asking the guy out with a friend or in front of the mirror so you won’t make any mistake when you go up to him and ask him out.

2. He doesn’t know you

Perhaps you know everything about him, but are you sure that he knows you well? You know people usually go out with someone they really know. If the guy doesn’t know you, there is no wonder why he said no! Just never take it personally. Let him know you better and then he might even ask you out.

3. He is interested in someone else

When the guy you like is interested in other girl, it’s always heartbreaking. But it does not mean that he does not like you. When you like one man, you do not hate other men, right? He just cannot control who he likes. So, girls, don’t feel rejected!

4. Male mentality

Men want to impress a woman with their ability to woo a woman and ask her out. You know male mentality can work in different ways. Come up to him and ask him a general question. But don’t be creepy about it and don’t even think of asking him for the time! Try to act normal like you don’t want to pull off anything and he will be tricked into thinking that not you but he made the first move.

5. Awkward moment

Asking someone out is an intimate and nice moment, but there are many ways to make this moment really awkward. For instance, asking him out in front of his friends can be very awkward moment. So the next time you ask a guy out, make sure you do it in private.

6. He is not outgoing

Not everybody can come up to a person and start a conversation. It never easy when the guy you like is not outgoing since it makes it difficult to get to know him. Sure it’s a hard work, but it’s possible. Just start slow with small hi’s and hello’s and don’t ask him out right away. Take some time to get to know him.

7. He is not looking for relationship

It’s important to realize that there are men as well as women who aren’t ready for a relationship. The guy you asked out might be one of them. Don’t get upset! You don’t want to be in a relationship where a man is not ready for a relationship, right? When a man tells me that he isn’t ready for a relationship, I start respecting him even more because he is honest with me.

If you like the guy, get out of your comfort zone come up to him and ask him out! Even if he rejects you, be proud that you did the thing that many women fear the most. Have you ever asked the guy out? Did he say yes or no? Feel free to share your experiences, ladies!


Reasons Why He Said No