Refresh Your Room for Winter

Winter is already knocking in our doors and the cold winds, dark mornings and nights and chillness are unavoidable. It means that we will be spending more time indoors especially in our favorite rooms. When the season changes we also want some changes in the domestic things around us, we take out woolen sweaters and warm blankets, knitted socks or soft slippers. The instinct quietly whispers to renew some home accessories to make it more peaceful, cozy and comfy, so you can spend long winter nights nesting in your favorite armchair. So what can you do to refresh your room? Read on!

1. Brighten up the walls

Not necessarily you should repaint all the walls in the room or in the whole house but if you are inspired to – you are free to start. What you can do is repaint only one the walls if the interior allows. And in addition to this consider other variants like to paper it, cover with posters or create some kind of a collage. Everything will go if it cheers up your mood and brightens up the room.

2. Make some memories

Some pictures and photos are ideal to cheer up your room. Put your favorite photos around the room which would remind you of some fantastic places or great sweet moments spent with your family or friends. You can stick them on the walls but also hand them on some kind of a string in order not to spoil the wallpaper.

3. Reinvent your bed

New pillows and a duvet are a very nice idea when you want to prepare your bedroom for cold nights. Accompany it with new bed linen of soft and warm colors to create the necessary atmosphere. Then when the frosts are biting outside youll be safe and warm snuggling under a downy blanket and on the soft feather pillows. Shop for the things made up of natural components and then you will be always warm and never allergic.
<h3>4. Wall decals</h3>
Even such small details like wall decals will help you change the atmosphere in the room, and this brings so much fun! You can find a wide range of various decals in online stores. They are very easily stuck to the walls and also removed without trouble. The internet will also show you and teach you how to do decals yourself. Everything just depends on your creativity and imagination.
<h3>5. Add more light</h3>
The lightning of the room should never be underestimated because it also creates the atmosphere and affects the mood. In the bedroom it must be wore tender and dimmer then in the kitchen. So think, maybe you
d better add a dimmer switch to your bedroom, place a few lamps of yellow lightning near the bedroom, but a brighter one to place on the desk.

6. Keep your feet warm

No matter what kind of a floor you have whether covered with a carpet or laminated, nothing is compared to the feeling when your feet touch a fluffy new rug. You can find a soft warm rug of any color, shape and material to match your interior. You can place it before the bed to stand on it every morning or in front of your favorite armchair.

7. Add accessories

Look around the room and see what would you like to change or maybe add? This may be pictures, cushions, candles or even curtains. Such small details are a great way to personalize your space, they will make you feel cozy and at home.

8. Section off

When you want some changes to happen in your spacious room and to have a comfy and cozy corner only for you, you can easily section it off. You may separate a zone for working, studying or relaxing and sleeping by various ways. It may be a bookcase, a screen or a shelf which will be serving you as a divider. You may arrange everything the way you like in the new section even in a different style of interior than the rest of the room.

9. Scent your mood

A very important role plays the scent in the room so dont miss this point when creating a homely atmosphere. You can use plug in diffusers, incense or essential oil to your taste. A perfect option is scented candles, this is my favorite. When you light them up your room is filled with tender notes of fresh citrus or calming lavender, sweet vanilla or passionate roses.
<h3>10. Black it out</h3>
You will sleep better when your room is completely dark at any time of the year, not only in winter. So if you don
t have blinds or shutters yet, my advice is to get ones. As for me in winter nights seem to be not that dark because of the snow so my shutters stand on guard of my sleep.

11. Store it away

Find a new place to store that stuff that clutters up your room. Give yourself more space! It is not that difficult to find a new home for your papers or boxes with shoes. Old suitcases, chests or crates are waiting for you to give them a new life with some varnish or paint. Have a new look on the old stuff and at your personal space.

Cold seasons make us all go back inside and isn`t it great when your room is fresh, renewed and filled with that pleasant and unique scent of home? Home is the place where we always come back to, where we relax, recharge our powers and find inspiration. So I hope my tips will help you to renew your home and make you love it even more than you do now. So what would you change or add to your room?



Refresh Your Room for Winter