Release Your Past

Many of us remain inclined to our past filled with your success which you are not able to repeat. Or, some of us remember past with so many failures. For securing our happiness for today and tomorrow, we will have to give up the thoughts of past altogether. This is crucial to our success, because once we release the past, we would be able to open the floodgates for new and exciting opportunities. Releasing the past takes a little work – but it will be well worth the rewards.

Now, you are to think about whether you are one of those people who sometimes gets trapped in the past – you know thinking about things over and over – usually these are events that happened a long time ago – but you just can’t stop thinking about them? Do you often try to solve events that took place years ago – hoping or wishing they could be different? Do you sometimes spend hours or lengthy periods of time trying to understand why something happened but just can’t find an answer? Or do you find that you’re just not ready to move on with life because of something that happened some time ago – and you just can’t get over it – you keep telling yourself – just a little more time – but this continues to play in your mind?

If you answered yes to any of the above – you’re not alone. There are millions of people around the world just like you – people who just can’t seem to let go of the past – and in the process continue to waste their lives away. Believe me, you can release the past and start living the life you want – and it’s really not as hard as you think.

Over the past few years you might have met a number of persons trying to let go of the past. It seems that they continually think about what was and the way things were. They also feel compelled to try and figure out what went wrong – or how they can resolve things. The most common statement is: “If only I could go back and fix things.” Well you can’t – and you shouldn’t want to. Because when you focus on the past you deny yourself the future.

Choosing to go back in time is not an option – the only option you have is to go forward. In order to begin moving on and letting go of the past you first have to take responsibility for what happened. To begin the process, you may have to accept that you did have a role in what happened and that what happened did in fact happen. If you seem stuck over a breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend – accept that the relationship did come to an end and that you did have a role in how it went and how it ended. Let’s face it – if you weren’t there it would have never happened.

Don’t try to figure out what you did wrong in the past – instead focus on what you could do right the next time. Learn from your past – it’s a great teacher. Look at the mistakes that were made and focus on what you can do to improve it the next time around. If you lost a job – don’t say that you did nothing wrong. Don’t blame everybody else and say – “they did this to me.” They didn’t do anything to you. They may have done something that had an impact on you – but you also played a role on some level.

Focus on what you can do the next time to keep a job and make a great impression. Right about now I get this question: “They just called me in one day and told me that I was going to be laid off – they were cutting back. What role did I play? How did I make that happen?” You chose to stay at that job. You chose to get comfortable and not look for another job. You chose not to improve your skills and strive to do better. These are acts that you have to take responsibility for. Understand, I’m not saying to accept blame. Now the next time you get a good job you could strive to be better. You won’t get comfortable. You won’t ignore an opportunity to improve your skills. These are some of the lessons that come from that experience.

Every past event, pleasant or not – teaches us something which if we understand can better prepare us for the future. Don’t focus on what went wrong – focus on what you can do right the next time. The best way to do this is to think about what you want next and then apply what you learned. Create Your Future Today. But let’s face it – the past is in the past. It’s not what is happening now. It doesn’t exist today.That relationship that ended, that job that was lost, the loved one who passed away – it’s all in the past. Those things and people do not exist today. You exist today – and your present life exists today. These are the things you need to focus on. In order to leave the past in the past – start shifting your focus to the things that need attention today. If you lost a job and don’t have work – focus on finding a new job. Remember the lessons learned from the past experience and get out there and start looking for the next thing.

Take care of what needs to be done today. If you’re in debt because you lost some money in the past – then focus on what needs to be done now – making some additional money so you can get out of debt. If a relationship ended – then what do you want now? Another relationship – then get out there and start meeting new people. If a loved one passed away – then focus on what you need to do today – on your own and begin building a new life. I’m not trying to be harsh – I just want to show you that once you shift your focus to the present moment – your mind will automatically let go of the past.

There will be times that your mind will drift back into the past – that’s what it knows so that’s where it goes. When this happens you can simply say to yourself – that’s in the past – I’m here now and I’m focusing on my new life now.

You won’t stop thinking about the past right away – but as you continually do this – your mind will begin to adjust. When you do it in conjunction with some of the things just mentioned – you’ll start to move forward and actually enjoy life again. In case you feel, ” I just can’t seem to let go of the past – I keep thinking about it and just can’t stop.” You only think about it because you choose not to think about something else.

You only think about it because your mind is used to thinking about it and wants to stick to what it knows. Teach your mind something new and it will move forward. Leave your mind where it is and it will cling to what it knows. So give your mind something else to focus on – like the present moment and the future and you’ll see yourself moving forward. The mind takes you in the past, tortures you, frightens you, and depresses you – because that’s what it knows – that’s what it identifies with – the mind is comfortable in that zone. The mind doesn’t want to stay in the present moment because it is not aware of the present. Only you can make it aware of the present – by focusing on what is important now. Do this when you wake up in the morning, focus on what has to be done that day.

Another thing you can do is change the way you see past events. Find a positive spin rather than focusing on the negative. You may say but that’s just the way it is – am I not lying to myself if I try to see it differently? How do you know you’re not lying to yourself by seeing things the way you do right now?

Your current perception may be to view the events of the past in a negative light – but how do you know that is real? It’s just the way you see it. Change the way you see things – change your perception and a new reality unfolds. Look at the positive side of things – everything has happened to put you where you are now. You are exactly where you need to be – and you got here because of past events.

Now begin focusing on this moment – focus on what you want – and you’ll take the next step – to be exactly where you need to be in the future. Learn from the past, then release it – by focusing on the present, and see the past as a friend – pushing you forward to where you need to go. Take a look at what you want to achieve in life. Think about those goals and then start paying attention to the thoughts you have as you think about achieving those goals. Write down your negative thought patterns, negative beliefs and see what you come up with. Now ask yourself – what steps are you taking to create changes in your life? Come up with a realistic plan – and then start taking steps,you need to see how your mind responds to this. If you find yourself focusing on the past, you may please see if you can get your mind to move forward by focusing on what is important today. What you uncover could determine your chances for success. If you are ready to begin living the life you always wanted? Are you ready to enjoy success, happiness and more? Are you ready to be more confident? Keep moving towards your goals and keep believing in yourself – only you can create the life you want.

Be Happy – Release Your Past.