Relieve Dry Skin on Hands and Feet

As the weather turns colder, many people experience dried and chapped skin on their hands and feet. Some people even have cracking and bleeding of the skin due to the harsh elements of winter. Combine this with individuals who wash their hands frequently, and you can imagine how painful their skin, especially on their hands, can end up feeling.

Use moisturizer frequently

One of the best ways to relieve this type of problem is to use moisturizer frequently. Even by doing this, some people find they can still have severe problems with chapped, irritated skin. For individuals who are suffering with this affliction, rubbing the affected area with petroleum jelly can help to alleviate the symptoms. It’s important to determine if you’re allergic to this product before using it on a large portion of your skin, so doing a small patch test first is recommended.

Time to use

Because of the sticky consistency of petroleum jelly, the most effective time to use it is at night. With the body at rest, the problem area or areas can be covered, so the skin will have the most chance of healing. Applying a generous amount of petroleum jelly, then covering with socks or gloves, helps to further heat the area. The product will penetrate more deeply and because the area won’t be disturbed for several hours, none of the product will be washed off.

Cold conditions

If someone does this a few nights every week during the cold winter months, he or she will discover that the skin will be less prone to experience any cracking, peeling, or bleeding. It’s also important for everyone to remember to cover his or her hands when venturing into cold conditions. Wearing appropriate gloves protects the skin. It might also be worthwhile to wear latex or rubber gloves when washing dishes or cleaning to further protect the skin.

Skin is the largest organ in the human body and it’s important to remember to replenish any moisture that is depleted. Using petroleum jelly is one of the most economical ways to keep the skin feeling and looking healthy. Why spend your money on expensive moisturizers that have no guarantee of healing your skin? Buying a product that’s been proven to give the skin the moisture it needs makes more sense and can end up saving you money.


Relieve Dry Skin on Hands and Feet