Remain Motivated

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This statement stands true when we are witnessing a global slow-down affecting almost all the economies affecting us to some extent directly or indirectly. We need to motivate ourselves, motivate those people who are working for us and those people we are working for. Don’t let down yourself since this phase of life too is not going for ever. In the past too, we and/or our past generations have faced such recessions – we got over in due course of time. This time too, we will get over but what we require is our determination, our strong determination and up to that time, we need to keep ourselves motivated, we must continue to search out new and newer avenues. How much does it take to say a few words of appreciation or simply saying “You care? Not much, isn’t it? If you are an employer, arranging motivation letters, personal messages, advisory sessions, learning workshops etc. ignoring small mishaps and suggesting for improving further are not an expensive job but supposed to bring about change in the atmosphere to inspire to do something some valuable from the employees’ end for the organization you head. Good companies are not leaving any stone unturned in motivating the employees to keep their productivity levels and make them aware the depreciating profitability to adjust themselves if there is any cut required in their perks with hope that their employment will continue to await for the revival, instead of getting off in the mid-way. It is absolutely imperative to create an atmosphere of trust, understanding and cooperation amongst various formal and informal groups existing in the Company. It is also essential to provide the employees a platform to discuss the impediments and on that platform, you can invite them and get involved in the discussions in the friendly way. This may help to draw an action plan with their active participation to overcome the obstacles and focus over the business achievements.

As an employee, you should open yourself to the problems of the Company, extend your cooperation, putting your interests aside for the time being and ensure how the Company is able to survive. If the company gets wound-up, it would be very much difficult for you to get an alternative job immediately as wherever you go; you can be branded as an employee of a failed company. You must try to keep up the present company. You must cooperate to your seniors and become a source of solution of the problems for them. Keep watch over the profitability and market-avenues of the products/services of the Company and try to find out the ways of increasing them. If you are in manufacturing section, you can do something to reduce the costs. If you are in R&D Section, you can try to innovate something which may help to reduce the cost of the present manufacturing or launch new products to fight the competition. If you are a white-color employee, you can still work a lot by minimizing the wastage of resources of the Company. If you are in marketing, there too you can try to search out new markets and suggest new proposals to the management in this direction.

As self-employed professional, you need to revisit yourself, your faculties and the status of your services with the class of your clients to find out what improvements can be made to keep your presence felt by your clients who are source of your bread-n-butter. It is possible that some of your clients may not be feeling easy with their other problems. You can take the opportunity to get clues of their problems and help them sort out. It may result into increase of your utility for them in other areas too and you may get a secured association for the time being. It is true that sometime a client may not discuss over the problems he feels that you are not an expert in them. But if you develop a sense of friendship while working with him, apart from being professional of a specific nature, he can open with you, you need to get a clue of his problem – possibly that may be of the personal nature and being a socialite, you may promote him to open himself emotionally. Sometime, emotional relationship plays a vital role in getting you on the board where your professional achievements get added recognition in spite of opposition you may face from other corners/competitors.

If you are an investor, it is possible that everyday you may feel yourself depressed with the results of down-going the value of their stocks. The pinching is terrible but it is beyond your control on the investments you had made. Take it a lesson for future and keep your stocks/investment portfolio diversified and distributed to a number of baskets to minimize your future losses. But don’t get yourself down. It is a temporary phase and one day again; your investments may bear fruits again.

You need to remain happy by keeping yourself motivated, whatever be your capacity otherwise depression may harm you more than other factors. Be happy and remain motivated.