Remember When You Can’t Find Your Love

If you are single and you can’t find “the one” there is no need to worry. It takes time to find a right boyfriend, and this is not bad at all! Finding the perfect man for you may take a small weeding. You understand what I mean, don’t you? Weeding through the bushes and spikes to reach to the roses? Check out these important things in mind and hold your lovely tiny head up high!

1. Better to wait than to worry

If you are waiting for the right man to appear, keep in mind that waiting is a lot better than being anxious about when you’ll find him, or losing all your time with someone you don’t want to be the rest of your life with and be agitated about that. If you are dating a guy and feel he isn’t the right for you and worried about how to solve the situation, be sincere with him and yourself. It’s true that you can’t meet the one till you have someone restraining you from doing that. Remember it’s better to wait than to worry, if you’re still single and lonely. Stop being nervous and enjoy your life.

2. You deserve to wait

I’m sure a lot of people have already told you that, but I still would like to add it. Definitely you deserve to wait just a bit more now if you’ll find the perfect guy later. You shouldn’t share your life with someone just not to feel lonely. Be sure, wait a little and the right one does come along.

3. You are single for a reason

If you can’t find your love, first of all, you should remember that you’re single for a reason, bad or good. It’s the truth, and you can believe in it or not. Probably, you don’t want to put yourself out there and don’t like dating. But he won’t just come and knock at your door! Take a new class, do something within a hobby you enjoy, join a club or if you’re courageous enough, try online dating. But if you have a boyfriend already and still you feel he doesn’t match you perfectly, it should be so that you haven’t met someone yet. It’s true, since your man just hasn’t found his way into your life yet, it’s not the good time for you to date someone, or you spend your time at social places that don’t surely fit ‘the perfect one’ atmosphere. As for me, I don’t think I could not meet my love in bars and clubs, but that’s just my opinion!

4. You are okay

Have you ever heard that your fertile eggs begin dying at a particular age? A lot of women are afraid of this when they haven’t met the perfect one. They are worried of never having kids or a family and getting old. Be sure you won’t let your timeline go! I’d prefer to wait until I was 50 years old if I meet the one that I was meant to really love. Be patient and don’t hurry up your heart, and among other things, your eggs are all right for now!

5. You’re afraid of intimacy

Perhaps, you are not afraid of dating, but you might be afraid of intimacy. You are so afraid of letting someone in or getting close to someone. If you don’t understand you’re doing this, you couldn’t meet the guy of your dreams. It may seem scary but truly opening yourself for a serious relationship is the only way to find ‘the one’.

6. Don’t worry what other people think

If you’re around 30 and go to a family dinner, everyone always wants to ask, “Have you found your love?” And every time, no I haven’t, and I’m really fine with it. You are probably got used to family and friends asking you about this. They are sure it’s their responsibility, and it doesn’t mean you’ll die alone since another Thanksgiving has come and you have to disappoint them and confess you’re still single. The life will go on and they will adjust. Don’t be nervous what anyone else thinks.

7. He might be closer than you think

Sometimes when you are looking for the right guy, he may be closer than you think. Believe me! Your perfect guy can be just around the corner and you don’t even realize it. Or, he might even be the one you thought was a friend. Think over all the relationships with men in your life right now. Does anyone have a probable chance of going out with you not as a friend? You always think when trying to find the dream guy out there.

Are you worried about finding the perfect one, if you are still single like me? I know it’s worth the wait, that’s why I don’t pay attention. Definitely, I am not going to be always alone, but I stopped being nervous about getting married by the time I’m 30. What about you? How exactly are you trying to find your love?



Remember When You Can’t Find Your Love