Returning to the Office – Why You Need a Sneeze Guard for Desk

Returning to the Office – Why You Need a Sneeze Guard for Desk : The COVID19 pandemic has reshaped the way we work. After months of working from home, professionals are finally able to return to their offices. But, these returns won’t be as normal as expected. Workers are expected to follow strict protocols inside workspaces. That means wearing masks, cleaning your hands as frequently as possible, and maintaining safe distances with your coworkers.

The WHO has recommended several safety steps for professionals who are returning to work. According to the organization, wearing masks isn’t enough to stop the COVID19 virus from spreading. According to them, cough or sneeze droplets are still going to travel through face masks. That’s why it’s every employer’s social responsibility to provide detailed instructions for maintaining safety inside workspaces.

A key part of proper cough/sneeze etiquette is the use of sneeze guards. In the past, sneeze guards were only found in restaurants and salad bars. Now they’re the ideal tool for professionals returning to work in the post-pandemic world. From retail stores to corporate offices – these guards are being used everywhere. Here’s why office workers need to start applying these tools inside workspaces.

Understanding Sneeze Guards

sneeze guard for desk use is a protective shield. Made of durable materials like plexiglass or acrylic, these guards shield office desks from coming in contact with bacteria or viruses. They completely block the ‘sneeze sprays’ that come out of people’s noses or mouths. Before the germ particles infect the desk or the items on the desk, the sneeze guard prevents all contact. Technically, these protective shields can be used to –

  • Protect cash registers at retail stores.
  • As barriers against clients and employees.
  • Reception desks.
  • Gas stations.
  • Fitness studios.
  • In restaurants to prevent germs from spreading from one diner to the other.

There are various other ways sneeze guards can help prevent the spread of germs. They’re ideal tools for workforces that are looking to slow down a super-contagious virus like the COVID19.

How Efficient are Sneeze Guards?

Do sneeze guards have a 100% success rate? No, but neither do the face masks that we wear. Still, sneeze guards are extremely effective (just like face masks) at protecting hard surfaces from virus exposure. Control and moderation are key to slowing down the spread of viruses. One virus strain can multiply into millions in the span of a few hours. Sneeze guards prevent such multiplication processes from manifesting.

They contain all germs/bacteria that land on the surfaces of the desks. The COVID19 virus can reportedly live up to 48-72 hours on hard surfaces. So, not having a sneeze guard on your desk can easily lead to the virus spreading too rapidly. That’s why sneeze guards are widely viewed as extremely efficient tools. They may not be perfect. But they’re perfect for the times we’re currently living in.

Acquiring Sneeze Guards

When shopping for sneeze guards, you’ll get two material options – plexiglass and acrylic. Both these materials are water-resistant and extremely durable. Companies should consider getting both plexiglass or acrylic sneeze guards for their employees.






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Returning to the Office – Why You Need a Sneeze Guard for Desk