Rolfing – Look Younger Instantly

Do you ever gaze into the mirror and wish you could turn back the clock and look a few years younger? A million people are out there wishing for that same miracle. The beauty industry is chock full of potions lotions and serums, all promising to make you look younger. After shelling out the big bucks are you really any closer to the fountain of youth? Is it possible that there might be a path you’ve yet to explore?

Not surprisingly, beauty products don’t deliver all they promise. Millions are hoping and praying for a quick fix no matter the cost financially nor the health risk involved. Today cosmetic surgery alternatives are abundant with nonsurgical options that utilize strings, lasers, fillers and peels. Are you interested in a less invasive method still? Touch is a powerful form of healing and has long been recognized as such.

Rolfing may just be the last fix you desire. Rolfing involves the placing of hands on the face or body. Through manipulation of the soft tissue the hands break up stress patterns trapped under the skin. The result is greater ease of movement, proper body alignment and in most cases relief from pain and discomfort brought on by stress and anxiety. Added highlights are uncovering a more youthful glow. By eliminating the build-up of toxins that accumulate around the base of the cheeks, you can take five years or more off your face instantly.

How does it work

Fascia, or connective tissue, gets bound up due to years of stress and anxiety and these fibers, and muscle tissue must be broken up to allow for more effective movement and energy. The entire body can be Rolfed, beginning with the feet and ending with the face. Rolfing can restore balance throughout the entire body after only a few sessions.

What are the drawbacks?

Investing in beauty is never cheap. Rolfing has a higher price tag than massage yet costs significantly less than cosmetic surgery. Always consult your doctor and only work with a certified Rolfer or someone who knows the anatomy very well. Prices vary so do your homework. Slight discomfort can be associated with this process yet it doesn’t compare to healing from surgery and is minimal at best.

For greatest results try several one-hour sessions and maintain throughout the year in order to reveal that youthful, dewy look. After Rolfing the face it isn’t unusual to uncover dimples you once had yet lost over the years. After only a few sessions your face will appear thinner more rested and youthful and that’s a fix worth taking.


Rolfing – Look Younger Instantly