Rules For Wearing Black And White

Rules For Wearing Black And White : One of the most classic outfit combinations out there that can be worn in almost every occasion is a black and white mix of clothes. Combination of black and white clothing items is a no-fail way to look elegant and stylish and it actually takes just a little of your time to get ready and look all dolled-up. The most important thing is to keep it simple and follow these rules to avoid a fashion disaster looking like a fancy waitress.

Black on black and white on white

Wearing all white with one black piece or vice versa is a great way to make things interesting and create an unexpected outfit. It is a perfect option to help you stray out of your safe zone and make yourself noticeable. You can wear all black, black pants, blouse, shoes and add a white belt or combine white shirt and pants with black and white shoes and a black clutch! Feel free to experiment with decorative accents and accessories and create your own, unique outfit. Just remember, keep it simple and minimalistic.

Mixing monochrome textures

You can update your all-black outfit by playing with textures to make it more fun and personalized. Play with combining different materials such as black leather pants in combination with a black fluffy sequin knit sweater and classic black velvet stilettoes in a perfect spring outfit or mix wool, raw silk, satin, faux fur all in the same color. The options are truly endless and as many different materials you mix, the more noticeable and stylish your outfit will be, no matter the blackness.

Pattern mixture

Add a couple of different patterns that go well together in the same outfit and emphasize your stylishness. This is the easiest way to combine a black and white outfit and to keep it casual and fashionable. Simply relax and try out different patterns to see what works – a no-fail option is combining polka dots and stripes or checks and windowpane. White shoes are always a good idea but if you feel better you can opt for the safe option and wear your favorite pair of black shoes or heels.

Color splash

Add a touch of color to keep your outfits more interesting, but don’t exaggerate, keep it simple and small – update your outfit with one colorful piece, an accessory or bold pair of shoes. Keep your outfit from looking ordinary by choosing unique glittery leather sandals or heels and finish the look with a bold red lipstick. Don’t be shy to try mixing strong colors like yellow, hot pink and orange (which is a hot color trend for this spring) with your black and white combination.

Unique original mix

The best option to create a unique black and white outfit is to combine all of the above and create your own combination. You can, for example, opt for all black outfit with an accent on the white shoes and add a splash of color with a bold red lipstick or you can combine all-white – shirt, pants or skirt, with hot pink shoes or sandals.


These simple tips will help you step out of your comfort zone and still feel perfectly comfortable while looking gorgeous. The trick is in a bold black and white combination, not the old black-pants-white-shirt outfit. Relying on these tips will help you stand out and achieve the modern and stylish look in no time.





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Rules For Wearing Black And White

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