Say No to Undue Stress

It is logical that when a material is subjected to a load, the material gets stressed. The induction of stress in the material is proportionate to the stress and as long as it is within the elastic limit, what is referred to as tolerable strength. Students of engineering would be familiar with these concepts. In mathematical terms strain is equal to stress/elasticity. Strain can be reduced either by reducing the adverse effects of the sources of stress and increasing the strength of the material, or we can take both actions.

Every one of us has to face stress sometime in our life. How successful you are in coping with stress depends on how you prepare your system – body, mind and soul – to meet with challenges in a way that it is within you tolerance power. You need to understand stress and find ways to overcome it. The sources of stress are at work, home and society. Lifestyle plays an important role. Temporary relief could be obtained by drinking alcohol or coffee, using tobacco, or eating favourite foods. However, they might eventually add to the problem. Stress could induce depression, withdrawal and anger. Diseases like peptic ulcers, asthma, diabetes, are also the outcome of stress.

Sometimes what we consider as energy and time-saving measures actually add to our stress. Stress is the combination of psychological, physiological and behavioural responses to events that challenge us. There is also positive stress we face before an examination, game or sports event. Sometime, that in fact boosts morale and induce increase in the performance. There are techniques and technologies available to increase the strength of materials. What are the techniques we can apply to ourselves to guard against undue stress?

We should strengthen ourselves to change our values, habits, attitudes and behaviour to suit our resolve to beat back stress. We should create a sense of awareness and subject yourself to a reality check to identify what contributes to stress in your life. This is a positive approach as opposed to blaming others or expecting others to solve your problems. You must take responsibility for your actions and try to explore the best way to deal with stressful situations.

Practice of yoga and meditation enables the development of equipoise. Yoga promotes evenness of mind both in adverse and favorable conditions. You will be able to face any situations with composure. Krishna’s Bhagavad Gita advocates practice of yoga. Follow the three super virtues advocated in the Upanishads: self-discipline, compassion and selflessness. Gradually, you start developing a positive disposition, and you are better equipped to check anger and depression. You gain self-confidence.

Prayer is one of the ways by which you could cultivate greater inner strength. Humor is a therapeutic outlet that relaxes and unburdens. Regular physical exercise, too, helps tone today and mind. Meditation leads to greater reflection and peace. It stimulates the subconscious. All these methods help you unwind, and in the process stress is shown the door. To remove stress from your system, you must cultivate health-promoting habits like daily exercise, breath control, meditation and eating the right food. Moderation is good but avoiding tobacco use could have long-lasting positive effects.

You may try to control your system instead of the system controlling you. You can enrich your work with continuous learning. Please have clear goals and base your relationships on mutual trust and support. You are required to face life’s trials and tribulations with courage and determination. And the most important, you need to keep in touch with family and friends. You will be happy once the stress is over or you do not let it control you.