Search Answers Within Yourself

There are times in life when we want answers to many questions regarding our career, job, education, health, income, social status, fitness, physical pains, investments, mental stress, vision, love, relationship, financial problems relating to our trade and industries, disturbance to our marital life or our children etc. We try to search out the answers through all the avenues available at our disposal, some of the problems surfacing before us are of such nature that we find ourselves unable to discuss due to some social complications and we need to maintain privacy. Some problems become so harsh that we have to approach our well wishers.

We know that the life is full of struggle and we are bound to face ups and downs without any prior information – you can not expect everything rosy every time and need healing of your wounds, whether they are mental or physical, at the earliest. For the same, you wish to exercise all the options available before you. We try to do and wish that some God type soul may present itself to give us the brightest solution at the earliest. We do not get the same and our questions remain unanswered making us depressed all the more. We do not find ourselves able to attend our spirituality related activities, affect our personality, depreciate our rewards and fade away our leadership with our fellows.

In depression, we give up our efforts and disappoint ourselves by assuming that there is no end to life’s problems. After one problem is solved, another comes up and some time we come across a bunch of problems followed by another and we feel crumpled. Why so? We need introspection when we come across such state of affairs. It is true that when we do not see any solution, we wish some divine help irrespective of our individual faiths, religion or background. How can that be available?

We may give a halt to our quest journey and ask for a right soul. Yes, the right soul has a solution to our problems. It has right answer. How should we explore out? We will have to look into ourselves to search out the roots of our problems. Why do we fail in our love affairs? Why do we not perform in our tasks well? Why do our incomes go down in spite of our best efforts? Do we lack concentration on our work? Do we have our guilty consciousness? Are we expecting more than what we deserve for? Asking others to guide us is a reflection of our weakness. Moreover, this practice can make our problems graver. Why do we invite others to intervene in our affairs? They can not have full exposure to our circumstances. We must remember that it is the blessings by God to prove our caliber. He loads problems upon those people only who have an ability to face them.

We must not forget that our problems are our own creation. They are never greater than we. We make them greater. This reminds us of an anecdote of a young boy who had been enjoying his life. He always expressed his appreciation of what he got, what he felt about the beauty, he was always bearing smiles on his face and never, he let anybody guess about his sorrows. Some one asked about the secret of his pleasure – he said, “I have nothing else than distribution of the pleasures to them whosoever come closer to me. Whenever I do not find any such person, I try to find out a person who needs the pleasures of life badly. This is the aim of my life. I have no regret at all with my life since I do not have any problem.” The inquisitive man felt happy to know that at least he got someone so happy in his life. Otherwise, whenever he met someone, he found him to be unhappy. That young boy appeared to be exception. But after some time, he came to know that the young boy expired due to cancer he had been suffering for last three years. What a way terrific to say good bye to his friends! He loved the life and never discussed his problem with any one . He never complained to any one. He had written for his epitome, “ I do not wish to distribute my sorrows – they are mine. I wish all should be happy. If they are happy, they would also not trouble any one else.” This was a great message. He knew that he would not be able to live longer. He did not ask anyone for solution of his problem. He searched out himself and enjoyed the life with others as well.

Every problem has a solution. It is within our reach not to let the problem shape up. If we solve our problems before they become grave, we can feel the true pleasure of life while fighting for the solution easily. We will have to search the solution within us before we approach some one who is stranger to our problems and their gravity. Let us search within us.

Be Happy – Search Answers Within Yourself.