Seek Guidance unhesitatingly

It is a known fact to all that this great earth where we took birth is a big school and our needs teach us to live. We all learn here and enjoy our lives. It very much depends upon our attitude, our resources and our circumstances what we learn and how we enjoy the fruits of our learning. Whether we know anything else or not, we do know that we exist. It means there is a self and it is only a question of realizing it. Can anyone climb Mount Everest? Definitely not, because every body does not get the capacity to do that. But all of us have a self, and realizing it is an inward process, so it is definitely possible. It is our determination which puts us to work. If we do not decide to do anything, we won’t do. Sometime, we feel that we are under some compulsion to do or to abstain from doing something – that too can not happen if we do not affirm to do or to abstain to do. Our brain and heart won’t help us to proceed unless we decide to act upon. We are master of ourselves. Just, we need to realize it.

What you can do on the outside depends on many things. When it comes to what is within you, it is just a question of your willingness. If you are interested in living your life with full depth and dimension, how can you live without self-realisation? If you are interested in experiencing all the possibilities you carry within yourself, how can you explore them without self-realisation? Self-realization is not an abstract dimension that is not relevant is not an abstract dimension that is not relevant to people. Every human being should strive for it because the more you realise about yourself, the better you live.

When we say self-realization, standing your physiology or your psychology alone, we are taking about understanding the very fundamentals of who you are. When you stand here, you look at yourself as a person, but how did this person happen? This body, when it was born, it was so mall. Now it has become so bit – how? Was it created from inside or from outside? Definitely from inside. So that which creates this body is within you; the very source of creation is within you. Without knowing that, you do not know much about yourself. So when the very source of creation is within you, self-realization means befriending the Creator within you. And if the Creator is you friend, what is your problem with life?

A Guru becomes relevant to you only when you have an aspiration to constantly enhance your life; when you want to touch dimensions within which you yourself have not been able to touch. When people hear the word “Guru”, they may have a lot of resistance, essentially because of the misuse of the word. A Guru is like a road map. If you want to travel uncharted terrain, do you go without a road map? You can; maybe you will anyway reach there. But there are also chances that to reach a destination which is right next to you, you come back, or you may never get there.

When you want to walk uncharted terrain, choose a person who has already walked the terrain. A Guru has already walked the path, so you are just seeking guidance; you are using him as a live road map. “Can’t I do it without a Guru?” – Definitely you can but what could be done in a short span of time, you may take lifetimes to do it. When the guide is about the inner dimension, we call him Guru because –“Gu” means darkness, “Ru” means dispeller – the word Guru essentially means one who dispels the darkness (within).

Your whole perception of life is through the five senses. If you look at these five sense organs, you can clearly see that all of them are outward bound. But now you want to look inward in a completely different way. Because you do not have this perception right now, the inner dimension is not visible to you, so you seek help. Let’s say you need surgery to be done. You go to a surgeon, because you trust that he will do it better than you. Self-realisation is a much deeper surgery than your doctor does. Your doctor cuts only the physical body; but here, you have to cut through many layers of your own misunderstandings and misperceptions. If you are trapped in a prison and you want to get out, it is good to have outside help. Bondage is an inside job; you need outside help for liberation. That is where a Guru fits in. You must seek guidance unhesitatingly whenever you need it. If you feel what the other one or your Guru will say to you on your seeking guidance, you won’t be able to get solution of your problem, your curiosity and you will feel tense or you will have to ignore. Your true Guru will always be ready to reply your questions. Sometime, arrogance also plays a detrimental role. That too will have to be given up and only then, you can achieve your mission.

Be Happy – Seek Guidance unhesitatingly.