Self-Care Apps for People Who Are Stepping Into Adult Life

Self-Care Apps for People Who Are Stepping Into Adult Life : Moving out is the most thrilling experience of one’s life. Moving out means you will be living by your own rules. No curfew, no late warning, or fear of getting grounded, what is there not to love?

However, no one tells you that adult life also means you will be juggling your work, finances, and personal life while holding on to your sanity for dear life. When stepping into the real world, you are expected to wear your big boy pants, make serious decisions, do your taxes, and pay your bills. From being crowded and surrounded by friends all the time, you will find yourself alone questioning your sanity.

These bleak moments are indicators that you are not spending enough time on self-care. To help more young adults improve their mental well-being, tech companies are stepping up by introducing self-care apps. These apps come with real-time tracking features for monitoring eating and sleeping patterns. Since these apps are continuously updating data, only a good internet provider like Xfinity can help you unleash their true potential. Xfinity offers both home Wi-Fi and hotspot Wi-Fi service so you can monitor body functions on the go without any connectivity issues. For enhanced user experience, Xfinity also offers 24/7 Xfinity Servicio al Cliente to cater to native Spanish customers, so they can reach out anytime for queries and issues.

Best Self-Care Apps That You Must Try

  1. Aloe Bud

    Available on: iOS
    Price: Free

    Features: Digital Journaling Feature, Daily Activity Reminder, Full Day Log, and Self-Care Activities

    Recommended for: Young adults who are struggling with independent tasks

    Aloe bud is an all-rounder app for everyone who is struggling to live independently. Most people live with friends and family so technically they do not feel alone. Also, they have a routine that helps them stay productive, and complete simple daily tasks. However, as you step into adult life, you have to take care of everything on your own and there is no one to tell you that it’s time to drink water or take medicine.

    The app comes with a goal-setting, and reminder list that you can add. Eventually, when the time comes, you will get gentle reminders to complete that task. The task can be as small as drinking water every hour, to as big as deep cleaning the whole house every week.

  2. Balance

    Available on: iOS
    Price: Free for one year and $70/ year

    Features: Guided Meditation, Calming Tunes, and Natural Music

    Recommended for: Meditation, Focus, and Productivity Boost

    Balance is a perfect meditation app that will let you not only chose the focus of meditation, but also it will offer you updates based on feedback. As you enter adult life, you will understand that simple tasks that you used to find fun are now your duty. From paying bills to ensuring that you pay taxes, complex obligations will leave you in frenzy, and you will get anxious over small details.

    Balance is a perfect app for people who find it hard to relax, and need a buddy to calm them down. The app has a guided meditation library with a customizable range. Compared to some of the best names in the genre of meditation, this app fits the individual needs of the user. You can customize your desired meditation music by mixing natural sounds, or opt for a guided meditation that will allow you to stay calm and in full control of all situations.

  3. Evidation App

    Available on: iOS
    Price: Free

    Features: Fun Game Based Plan, Setting Customized Fitness Goals, Point Generation, and Generate Real Cash

    Recommended for: People who drive motivation through monitory incentives

    When you step into adult life, saving money becomes a challenge and you feel the burn when you spend hard-earned money. If you are facing the same issue, you should get Evidation App. The app helps you set your own fitness goals and then use a point reward-based strategy. If you end up hitting the mark, you can earn 10,000 points you can convert it into 10 dollars, or just donate to a charity.

    In short, you will be generating money by hitting the benchmark. This will soon turn into a fun game that you would fall in love with. You can add all your fitness goals, and sync your apple watch to make sure that the app gets all the data. The process is easy and you will earn money by hitting the goal that you will choose for yourself.

  4. Virtual Hope Box

    Available on: iOS
    Price: Free

    Features: Digital Journaling Feature, Daily Activity Reminder, Full Day Log, and Self-Care Activities

    Recommended for: People who feel anxious and uncomfortable in different situations

    Adult life is hard and you will see that unexpected situations will hit you from left and right. Most people get anxious in these situations while others get involved in self-sabotaging situations. If you feel the same way, Virtual Hope Box is a very fun app you should try.

    The app will allow you to select simple prompts in uncomfortable situations so you can engage in fun activities. The app includes games, relaxing music, and calming workouts that can keep you engaged in uncomfortable situations.

  5. Pillow

    Available on: iOS
    Price: Free with limited features

    Features: Tracking Sleep Cycle, Boosting Quality of Sleep, and Getting In-Depth Knowledge of Circadian Rhythms

    Recommended for: Young adults who struggle with sleep quality, restless sleep, or have bad sleeping patterns

    Feeling tired, drained, or overwhelmed every day is a sign that you are finally an adult. Somnologists claim that with the right sleep triggers, and synchronizing the circadian rhythms with nature you can spend less time on sleep yet wake up fresh. Focusing on sleep quality helps boost immunity and speeds up the healing process.

    Pillow is so far one of the best and most useful sleep apps that will help you track your sleep patterns so, you can know which sleep time will suit you better. The app helps in tracking REM sleep, light sleep time, deep sleep time, and wake-up time, so you can adjust your sleeping routine.


Stepping into adult life is daunting and adjusting to it can be very difficult. However, with these apps, you will feel like you are living with a virtual guardian. These apps will offer insight into a healthy lifestyle and things you need to fix to reach your maximum potential.





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Self-Care Apps for People Who Are Stepping Into Adult Life

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