Seven Unique Roles Of Female Public Health Professionals

Seven Unique Roles Of Female Public Health Professionals : For decades, women have been struggling to secure an equitable position in the workplace. Numerous organizations enacted to make sure women get equal opportunities for work in all fields over the years. Apart from this, unbiased pay rates have also been an issue for many women surviving at jobs.

Today, however, these efforts have helped women gain a sound standing in workplaces and corporate organizations. Women take up equal roles as men and shoulder as many responsibilities, if not more.

However, before women gained a bias-free entry into the workplace, some unique roles were only considered fit for females. Even though this stereotyping is now quite subliminal, there are still a few public health roles best suited to female workers.

Here we have a list of seven unique roles that are preferably taken up by female healthcare professionals:

  • Nurses And Nurse Practitioners

    The role of a nurse gets tagged as a women-centric job. Because of a better understanding of issues, females usually took up this public health role as a profession. However, today, you can find many males pursuing public health jobs after completing their graduation and specializations in various healthcare setups. The role of a nurse practitioner is similar to that of a doctor, albeit a little different. A nurse practitioner can diagnose illnesses, prescribe diagnostic lab tests, manage a patient’s care, and get certification for outstanding healthcare facilities. However, unlike a doctor, a nurse practitioner does not have the license to perform surgical procedures.

  • Licensed Midwives

    A midwife is a healthcare professional trained in handling women before, during, and after delivering their babies. They address any issues that the women face and assist women during their pregnancy period. A midwife may carry out the baby delivery at home or a birthing center. Since pregnancy is a condition only experienced by women, this is one of the roles that a female can choose when becoming a healthcare professional. The majority of women may also feel more comfortable dealing with females than male midwives concerning their pregnancy ordeals.

  • Women’s Rights Advocates

    Like we discussed before, the right to receive equal work opportunities for women is a struggle that dates back decades ago. However, bias and unfair stereotyping have still not wholly banished. Women still need protection against unfair mindsets and behaviors. A women’s right advocate focuses on creating awareness about the prejudices women face each day in every walk of life. Underprivileged women and girls suffer a lot when left unattended with primary medical care and facilities. Likewise, a woman is more likely to open up about their health concerns with a woman than a man. And this is why this role is a perfect fit for female public health professionals.

  • Surgeons And Experts For Breast, Uterine, And Cervical Cancers

    Statistics state that approximately 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer during their life. And this is why women need to keep a periodic check on their physical health. Experts for breast, uterine, and cervical cancers not only treat these conditions; they are also responsible for raising awareness and letting people know how to prevent them. Since these conditions are prevalent in females, hiring women healthcare professionals better serve the purpose. Women can relate to concerning problems in the right way and make the message more understandable when creating awareness.

  • Financial Advisers For Women’s Health Programs

    The government is responsible for the welfare of the entire population. Since the women are discriminated faction in society, the state runs various health programs to cater to their neglected health. Such welfare programs require different resources. And one such resource is the need for financial advisors. The government owns limited resources, so it is essential to employ financial advisors that guide the best use of the available cash. Even though this role is not unique to female professionals, gender preference may become a choice based on its aim.

  • Psychologist Treating Trauma After Domestic Violence

    The cases of domestic violence against women are consistently on the rise. Professionals need to thoroughly address the post-traumatic issues to ensure individuals do not fall prey to mental health problems later in life. Becoming mental health experts is one role female public health professionals can take up. It is an issue close to heart for many females, which is why women can perform this role with a better understanding of the sentiments of the victims involved.

  • Health And Wellness Instructors

    Health and wellness is a crucial discussion of our society nowadays. People are aware of health issues and requirements, which makes them reach out to professionals for support. Female public health professionals fit well into this role since many women can feel free while interacting with them. Not to say that individuals cannot interact with men; however, some health problems are related to women, such as becoming overweight after pregnancy.


Public health professionals work for the benefit of society at large. As women and children always comprise several necessities, a correct representation of their health problems is a dire need. Female public health professionals can perform specific roles better when it comes to handling gender-specific challenges. And this is why female healthcare professionals are a vital part of the entire healthcare profession.

If we wish to create a balanced world, the only way out would be to utilize all-natural gifts.






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Seven Unique Roles Of Female Public Health Professionals

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