Sexy Ways to Wear a Bridal Bikini

8 Sexy Ways to Wear a Bridal Bikini

It’s the wedding dress of the sea!

Whether it’s a poolside bachelorette party, a tropical honeymoon, or a full-on beach wedding, every bride needs a swimsuit sooner or later. Besides, why should the wedding dress be the be-all and end-all of bridal style? Ride that wedding-fashion tricycle ’til the wheels fall off. Model Lauren Buys shows you how.

1. Go super femme with soft knots and bows.
A well-placed bow is just the thing to make a simple string bikini feel more special.

2. Go for equal parts sexy and sweet with eyelet.
An unlined eyelet dress lets you take your bridal bikini from a day at the beach to a romantic dinner for two without going back to the hotel to change.

3. Get active in something sporty.
A terry cloth pullover is the perfect cover-up for a sporty boy-short bikini and way more fun than just wrapping yourself in one of those old hotel towels.

4. Dress up a basic bikini with a playful fringe cover-up.
Dancing on the beach is even more fun when you’ve got some fringe to shimmy and shake.

5. Let a pinup style bikini be your “something old retro.”
Accentuate your curves with a high-waisted retro-glam swimsuit (giant white skirt, optional).

6. Get all ruffled up.
Flirty, feminine ruffles create the illusion of a larger chest and curvier hips.

7. Go uber-tropical with a sexy castaway look.
Show off and cover up at the same time with a super-sexy open-knit pullover or unlined crochet dress.

8. Show off your straps.
A sexy and low-cut cover-up is ideal for showing off a fun, strappy-backed bikini.


Sexy Ways to Wear a Bridal Bikini