Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains : Shower curtains are used mostly for privacy, compartmentalizing the bathroom, keeping water in the shower area, and enhancing the look of the bathroom. Shower curtains are perhaps the most visible decoration in the bathroom. They can liven up the bathroom atmosphere and make a stylish statement. There are different types, styles, and patterns of shower curtains designed to cater to individual tastes and needs.

Shower curtains are a little less efficient at keeping water in the shower area compared to shower doors. Vinyl and polyester curtains are the most effective in this regard. There are infinite patterns and designs available on vinyl. Care should be taken to choose thick, durable curtains for the shower area. Vinyl and polyester curtains are inexpensive, and both opaque and clear varieties can be found on the market. However, those who prefer a luxuriant, cosy style do not favour vinyl and polyester curtains. The style-conscious usually opt for cotton, terrycloth, nylon, or other such fabrics.

One downside to using natural fabrics is that they absorb water easily, leading to mildew formation and soap stains. It is essential to keep these types of curtains dry and clean and allow light to fall on them. As far as possible, they should be spread out to let them dry easily. Mildew and stains can be removed by washing them with detergent or soaking them in limewater and then letting them dry. More recently, to counter such problems, these fabrics have been treated with waterproof coatings and stain-resistant formulations. Another remedy is to opt for a vinyl lining in the inner part of the shower curtain, which is exposed to water and soap.

Tips to Buy the Best Shower Curtains

Bathroom shower curtains are essential for providing privacy, enhancing the look and design of the bathroom, and serving as practical functions to keep water off the floor.

Color and designs

Choose a color and design that matches the bathroom ambiance, such as contrast colors, refreshing colors, homely colors, light blue colors, animal printed curtains, or abstract designs.

Machine Wash And Dry

Check out whether your curtain can be machine washed and dried or not. As these curtains are quite heavy, hand washing is very inconvenient.

Compare Prices

Consider various price ranges. Check out various online sites or stores to get the best prices. Here you can find the best prices and quality of shower curtains.

Hanging Equipment

Also see that the shower curtains come with easily manageable but also decorative hanging equipment like grommets, curtain rods, curtain rings, etc. These should also match the curtain and the bathroom decor.


Consider the fabrics. Different fabrics are used, which are tightly woven and accent the look of your bathroom. The best options are 55% cotton and 45% polyester, 55% polyester and 45% nylon, or 100% polyester.





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