Signs Your Friend is Making Use of You

Do you ever have a friend who makes you doubt in her sincerity? Then you start searching for visible marks that your friend is making use of you, don’t you? I think, once we are all faced with such type of person, that’s may be your new friend or queer colleague. Even if you believe that you have good friends, keep in mind this list of 7 visible marks your friend is making use of you for next time to be ready for meeting a shady person.

1. Your friend always wants something from you

You friend always contacts with you, when she needs to ride somewhere, or to borrow money, or to have lunch, or your support, when she feels bad. When your friend has some kind of depression, she makes you believe that she is a failure, but actually she is using your geniality and nobility. Remember, that you’re not her mummy, and we also have awful days, but it doesn’t mean that we must complain to everybody.

2. Your friend always invites you for hangout, when it suits her

Have you ever noticed that your friend invites you for hangout when she left alone? She just doesn’t have anybody to spend her time with, that’s why she contacts you. I can tell you, that’s one of the marks your friend is making use of you. If you have a car, your friend may use you as a driver. Remember, you are not a taxi! Friendship must be mutual, but not make you feel as a backup plan.

3. Your friend always chitchats about you and takes you down

Have your mutual friends ever told you your best friend’s gossips about you? She may say you that she was joking. But, remember she mustn’t do it behind your back. If she chitchats with you about someone from your mutual friends, you must know that she does the same to you too. Faithful friends wouldn’t at any price chitchats about you behind your back and never take you down.

4. Your friend always lands but never gives back

Another mark that your friend is making use of you, when she lands your favorites things, and never gives back. If she constantly borrows your preferences, and keeps them for a long time, be careful! Of course, best friends always borrow things from each other, but if she never lands you her favorite things, forget about this friend!

5. Your friend is interested only in your connections

If your friend just came to your town, or she’s just searching for new click, and she becomes really interested in your friends and connections, and you start seldom seeing her after she gets acquainted with your click. It happens that sometimes friends of friends have more in common, than you with them. I can say that it’s another mark that your friend is making use of you. If once she betrays you, she can do the same with your friends. Remember, even if she gets a new good click, she never rejects you, because it’s useful for her to have such friend as you.

6. Your friend has always case of emergency

Does your friend always have a case of emergency that claims your help? For example, she needs you to baby-sitter, or to stay at your home, because she has some special circumstances. We all have cases of emergency, but if your friend constantly has such cases, be careful, it’s a mark that your friend is making use of you.

7. Your friend always filches

If your friend filches your friends, boyfriends or other things important to you, she doesn’t deserve to be your friend. A visible mark that your friend is making use of you when she turns everybody against you, or when she steals your ideas and claim them as her own. These ideas may be connected with work or entertainment.

Do you have something in common with this list? I hope not, but if you do, protect yourself from people who are making use of you. Be attentive to your friends and new acquaintances. Remember, it’s hard to find faithful friends.


Signs Your Friend is Making Use of You