Signs It Might Be Time To Consider Getting Home Care Services For Seniors

Signs It Might Be Time To Consider Getting Home Care Services For Seniors : By nature, every human child wishes to live with the parents lifelong except in those circumstances in which the child has to go out of town or leave the country for employment or some other purpose. But when he/she lives with the parents or some senior member of the family, it becomes a natural duty to ensure that the parents or the senior member must get proper care.

Normally, senior members do their best to remain independent in the daily chores or leading their life but with the passage of time or due to some illness, they may require assistance from other members of the family. Some seniors may not speak frankly about what they need, but their behavior shows that they require additional assistance in order to live a normal life. Some of such signs are listed below:

  1. Frequently forgetting where the commodities/documents are kept; having difficulties remembering conversations or recognizing someone.

    As the age advances, the memory cells get weak. But sometimes, under the influence of Alzheimer’s or Dementia our loved seniors start losing their keys, specs, or forgetting about the appointments. It might be a sign that such a person needs assistance and extra care. If other family members do not have sufficient spare time, a helper can be appointed to take care of the daily tasks our loved one has troubles with. For example, this person can make a note of the appointments, help with finding the right documents or recognizing people to ease the problem of forgetting.

  2. Not keeping the living place in order.

    Whenever you notice that the room in which the senior member stays gets messy really quickly, that it is not getting cleaned and cared for at all, if you notice spoiled food in the refrigerator, it indicates that your loved one needs assistance to remove the disorder in the living space.

  3. Maintaining poor hygiene

    Sometimes, a senior person avoids taking baths, getting changed or brushing their teeth daily without any logical reason. If you notice this, it is time to think about getting assistance.

  4. Requiring medical assistance very frequently

    It is quite natural that with age, a human body requires medical treatment more often. Things like injuries, or illnesses happen and in this case skilled in-home care might be needed to provide for all the medical needs of your loved one. According to Hellahealth, Medicare can assist in covering some of the costs so make sure to check with your loved one’s doctor or insurance company before hiring a nurse.

  5. Keeping isolated from the society.

    Sometimes, senior members try to keep themselves out of social gatherings, either due to tiredness, change in aptitude or for other reasons. They may not even go for a walk or meet any friends. Lack of company also accelerates the isolation. For that purpose, our loved ones needs assistance, in this case companion care.

  6. Frequently falling or injuring themselves while walking or doing something

    Some senior members fall or get injured just walking or doing something around the house. It may be either due to physical weakness, or mental distraction.

  7. Unsafe driving

    If a senior person is driving a two-wheeler or four-wheeler and meets road accidents more frequently, it indicates that they are driving unsafely. They must be provided with a younger driver’s services to assist in mobility.

  8. Not taking meals timely.

    Sometimes, our older loved ones do not take meals in time or forget to take them altogether due to the lack of hunger. That is when it is time for the caretaker to start arranging the meals and making sure our parents or grandparents take them.

  9. Unable to do daily activities like bathing, dressing independently.

    With age, some senior members of our families may get too weak to do daily activities like bathing or dressing independently. When it is so noticed, the family must arrange a helper to assist with daily activities and attend the natural calls timely.




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Signs It Might Be Time To Consider Getting Home Care Services For Seniors

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