Signs You Might Be Pregnant

Are you wondering if you might be expecting a baby? Taking a pregnancy test is one of the easiest ways to tell if you’re pregnant, but many pregnancy tests will not reveal if you’re pregnant until ten and more days after a missed period. Check out a few signs you might be pregnant if you cannot wait to take a pregnancy test!

1. Mood swings

With pregnancy come a lot of hormones, so if you are pregnant you’ll be experiencing mood swings. Some drastic changes are okay, so don’t worry if you are bawling one moment and laughing the next – this is only a sign that you might be pregnant!

2. Tender breasts

One of the biggest signs you might be expecting a baby is tender breasts! Although a lot of women experience breast tenderness in the days surrounding their period, a missed period with presence of tender breasts is a big sign of pregnancy. Most women even experience breast tenderness throughout the entire first trimester. However, a good bra can help with this problem.

3. Fainting or dizziness

Not all women have nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Many of them get dizzy easily, or have fainting spells. If you’ve noticed fainting spell or dizziness, you might be pregnant! But if you do experience these symptoms, you need to call a health care provider, since they may be signs of some other health concerns.

4. Frequent urination

Frequent urination is one of the most common signs of pregnancy, especially during the early stages! If it presents a problem for you, do not cut back on amount of water you drink. Just stay near a restroom and completely empty your bladder each time you go.

5. Fatigue

Since a pregnant woman has a higher demand on her body, it makes sense that she experiences fatigue. If you feel more tired than you usually do during the day, you might be pregnant! Try to rest when possible, because your body needs that extra sleep!

6. Headaches

If you don’t usually have headaches, but now you start experiencing them very often along with a missed period, it might be one of the signs of pregnancy! Visit your doctor, since she or he may tell you if your headache is a sign of any other health concerns.

7. Constipation

Unfortunately, constipation is as common in pregnancies as frequent urination. It’s very important not to strain yourself, if you do not want to cause hemorrhoids. Drink a lot of water and increase your fiber intake in order to get things loosened up!

If you have some of these symptoms on top of a late or missed period, you may be pregnant! Even if you have a negative pregnancy test, but a few of these symptoms are present, it’s time to visit your doctor. Moms out there, can you name some other signs of pregnancy? Share your thoughts, please!


Signs You Might Be Pregnant