Signs Your New Guy Is in Another Relationship

Beginning a new relationship can be exciting, and sometimes it can be difficult to see potential problems with your new partner. Red flags can be ignored in those early weeks of dating simply because you are giving him the benefit of the doubt. Men who are already in a relationship can take advantage of your good nature. Here is a list of some signals that the man you are dating might already be involved with someone else.

Signs Your New Guy Is in Another Relationship

1. Phone calls at strange times

Do you only seem to get calls from him when he isn’t at home? He may try to reach you on his way back from the office or when he is out with friends. The conversations are probably pretty short, and he will most likely always have an excuse why he can’t talk longer. If he doesn’t talk to you when he is at home, it may be a sign that there is someone living with him. He may tell you not to bother contacting him, that he will call you. Try calling him when you think he may be at his house, and see if he actually answers or lets it go to voicemail.

2. You haven’t seen his house

Be leery if every date ends at your place. Ask to go back to his house and see what his response is. If there is someone living with him, his answer will most likely be a no. If he does agree, he might try to plan the visit ahead of time. This may be because he is trying to make sure that no one else will be in the house.

3. He rarely has time for you

Your new guy might make it difficult to plan time together. If he asks you at the last minute for a date or repeatedly cancels plans that you make ahead of time, this could be a signal that he is seeing someone else. He may be trying to work dates with you in around his wife’s or girlfriend’s schedule.

4. You haven’t become friends on Facebook

If your new guy has a Facebook account, but he hasn’t added you as, this may be a red flag. He may be worried that you might post something that his girlfriend or wife might see, or he may be trying to avoid any questions from her about why he has a new female friend.

5. He won’t let you meet his friends

A guy in a serious relationship will let his girlfriend meet his friends. He wants to know that his buddies approve of the relationship, and he also wants to see how she interacts with the people already in his life. If he doesn’t want you to meet them, it could mean that he doesn’t feel the two of you are in a serious relationship, or it could mean that he is already in one and doesn’t want his buddies to know about you.

Just one of these signals on its own may not mean that he is already in a relationship, but if you see more than one, it may be time to have a serious talk. Don’t allow your excitement over a new relationship cloud your judgment.


Signs Your New Guy Is in Another Relationship