Signs You Are Ready to Get Engaged

Signs You Are Ready to Get Engaged
Signs You Are Ready to Get Engaged

When you are in a long-term relationship there comes such a moment when you should decide how your story will be developing in future. It is like in a fairytale when you are crazy in love with someone and everything ends with a fantastic wedding party. So now let’s see how you may realize that you are already ready for engagement.

1. Sick and tired of flirting

There always is a certain period in life of every woman when she flirts with every attractive man who is near her, goes out on a date and lives her life to the fullest. But then comes that very moment when this all is not enough. You need confidence, trust and faithfulness to only one person who would always be by your side no matter what. And you can get all this only when you are in serious long-term relationships and mentally ready for engagement.

2. Hearing ‘What a nice couple’ all the time

Try to remember did all your friends and relatives approve your ex? Probably they didn’t show it but deep inside you knew they were nice to him just because of you. But now it is just the other way around. Your friends and family have not just accepted him in the role of your boyfriend but take him as a bright personality. Moreover, when everybody around you says that you two look so great together it is a good reason to think about getting married.

3. Planning

When you start realizing that you plan not only your breathtaking and memorable wedding day but also your living together after it, this is it. This means you are quite able to imagine your lived-happily-ever-after together with this person. It is of great importance to understand that marriage is not only the wedding party but a hard work of two people on their relationships in their day-to-day life.

4. Listen to your heart

Woman’s intuition is something that rarely fails us and when you saw him for the first time or when you have been dating for some time deep inside you know he is the one destined for you. So you’d better put aside all the prejudices or other people’s opinions and listen to what your heart tells you. Following this advice will be the best decision to make.

5. Other relations

Your previous relationships either they are good or you’d better never think of them before are important and very useful for your future as you get experience. After you learn that bitter lesson you know what you should do to make the relationship work and what to expect from your partner. Was your ex a jerk? Forget about him but make sure you will never let such a person come into your life ever again. Taking into considerations all your previous ups and downs now you are to have that kind of a relationship you have always dreamt about.

6. Strong wish to share your life

When 2 people get married they both vow to be always together in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. Your partner is that special person to share your happy moment and handle problems with. As you realize that you want to cook dinners, take a Safari trip or climb the highest mountain only with him, this is a true sign. Then you may be sure that you future life together will be full of happiness and deep affection.

7. Handling problems

Building strong relationships is not that easy and you inevitably face problems from time to time. When you two are wise enough, you know how to fight fair. And this is extremely important! Stubbornness, abusive language or ultimatums are not good ways to resolve a conflict. A couple should realize that it is all about being patient and being ready for compromise.

I hope these few tips will help you to find some confidence when you are at a loss. But this you should know for sure that you must listen to your heart. Don’t you agree?



Signs You Are Ready to Get Engaged