Signs Your Relationship is Moving Too Fast

It’s not easy to determine whether a couple is going slow in the relationship or they’re moving too fast. But I’ve got a list of some signs that can help you to know whether you’re moving too fast in your relationship or not.

1. You introduce him to your family

Being excited and impatient to introduce your new partner to your family is a common feeling. But the perfect time to do this is when you both have been dating for several months and you’re sure of your relationship. From personal experience I can say that getting your parents to meet your new boyfriend too early may be a wrong step on your part.

2. You exchange passwords, bank account numbers and home keys

If you’ve just started dating a man, you shouldn’t be sharing anything with him. Not confidential information, such as keys to your apartment, passwords or the bank account numbers. You must spend more time in your relationship to know whether you can trust your boyfriend and that he has reasonable ethics and morals.

3. You flip through bridal magazines

If you have already started thinking about such things as a wedding dress and wedding decorations and been browsing through bridal magazines in spite of the fact that your relationship is new, you are surely moving too fast. It’s okay to aspire towards having committed lifelong relationship, but to start planning your big day is too soon and too fast.

4. You dream about your house and kids

Dreaming about your own home and children is common when you’re about to get engaged to your guy. But if you’re dating a man just several days or weeks, you shouldn’t build castles in the air. Making too much plans for your future can invite only disappointments if they do not see the light of day.

5. You get tattoos of each other’s names

If you both get each other’s name tattooed, you might be going too fast and you might even regret it later. Never ever get a boy’s name inked on your skin unless you marry him. If you have already thought of getting each other’s names tattooed, slow down and think better.

6. You’re saving up for your exotic trip together

Usually unmarried couples go on short vacations and trips when they have been dating for several months or years and they are financially independent. But, if you have just begun dating him and you have already started looking up airfares, it is a sure sign your relationship is moving too fast.

7. He borrows money from you or vice versa

Money is one of the biggest causes for conflicts in any relationship. If you borrow money from your guy and you’re unable to return, it can cause serious complications in the future. If your boyfriend borrows you money, he might feel like he has the upper hand in your relationship. And this can lead him to manipulate or suppress you according to his will. If he borrows money from you and doesn’t return it, you can lose respect for him and trust in him forever.

Do you know some other signs you are moving too fast in your relationship? Share your thoughts, please!


Signs Your Relationship is Moving Too Fast